When Their Worlds Collided

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Advika's POV

We were waiting at the airport to board our flight to Jaipur. We had rented an SUV from the city to the palace which was about six hours from the city.

"I've heard a lot about Mundota Palace," Kunal said.

"Yeah it's actually quite beautiful," one of my team members, Mini, agreed.

"I've heard the royal family of Mundota is home for a mini vacation," Payal from my team added.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"I just like to do my research," she shrugged.

"Nonsense. Shekhawats are screwed. They are all over the news. That's how she knows," Kunal cut her off.

"What's the relation here?" I enquired.

"The Shekhawats are the royal family of Mundota," Payal answered.

"Ohh," I acknowledged. "So they are like the Rajas and Ranis and all?"

"Right," she said.

My general knowledge is pretty weak but I know the Shekhawats. What I didn't know was that they were connected to the royals. I just know they are quite known in the business world and their daughter, Tara, is quite the fashionista. I saw her once at the Lakme Fashion Week.

"But these people are super unethical with their ways. Like, I've heard they get people killed and all if things don't go according to their plan," Kunal said.

"What really?" Yasmin gasped.

"But isn't royalty not a thing anymore in India?" Noor asked.

"Yeah but they have their riches. Plus Shekhawats are really powerful. They aren't just regular business people or extravagant royals. They also fund political parties in India. Rumour has it that the central opposition party is being funded by them," Kunal said.

"That is why Shekhawats are in trouble," Payal added.

"Why?" I questioned.

"They are so powerful that they have a habit of buying the system. They saw their golden days when the opposition was ruling. The current ruling party isn't much of a fan of the Shekhawats and Vedant Shekhawat has really fucked up this time," Kunal explained.

When I say I don't like politics, I mean it. What if it's all some exaggerated lie. I mean, isn't politics a dirty game where nobody is your friend?

"What has he done?" I asked.

I've seen Vedant Shekhawat in some of Tara's Instagram stories. I followed Tara when I read about her Vogue coverage last year and briefly saw her at Lakme Fashion Week. She's so young, beautiful and talented. And I just found out she's a legit princess - explains why she is so popular.

Coming back to Vedant - he looks like a dream. But he is also very lowkey. I don't think he even has an Instagram because Tara has never tagged him in any of her stories. People say he'll take over the Shekhawat empire one day and well, good for him!

"Embezzlement, bribery - big time corruption," Kunal replied.

"Couldn't this be a political rivalry thing or something?" I asked.

"Oh you have no idea who these people are," Kunal brushed it off.

"No seriously. You just told me they fund the opposition party," I countered.

"I do not doubt it for a second that he has not been framed. He was definitely actively involved,"

"Looks like you've got something personal with him," I commented. He never talks about anyone like that. Not that he's saying something offensive but he just doesn't. I know  him - unless he really despises them. But, Kunal has no reason to despise him, right?

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