An Undeniable Offer

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Advika's POV

I saw him take two or three long strides towards me and take a seat next to me, completing the circle on the table.

He looked at me, gave a half smile and with a mischievous look in his eyes, he said, "Hi,"

"Hi," I meekly replied and quickly broke the eye contact.

I was not weak in my knees or something - please.
As I had mentioned before, I was not used to seeing a family as good looking and regal as them in my entire existence.
It's like the cheer leader effect - except, people in this house are actually pretty and not like a bunch of above average looking friend group from the neighbouring college.

By that time, my big ass stomach had ten percent of appetite left.

"Advika, are you a vegetarian or a non vegetarian?" She enquired.

"Anything works," I replied.

"But what do you like?" And everyone was just staring at me for an answer.

"I am okay with non vegetarian food," I quickly replied just to get rid of those stares.

Rajmata signaled the butler to start serving and the food was then presented in front of each one of us. The butler explained briefly what all were presented to us for lunch.

For starters we were served a glass of Saffron-Sandalwood Sherbet and a platter of Beetroot and Peas Kabab, Kalmi Vada, Oats and Bajra Pancake, and Shami Kebab. It was accompanied with green chutney, chickpea hummus and almond chutney.

This is enough for my ten percent appetite.

Everyone dived right into their lunch and I followed.

After a few minutes of silent eating and clatters of cutlery, the server came and picked our plates, cleared the table and just when I thought, 'yeah that was a nice lunch,' I was taken aback with a full thaali of food.

I can NEVER finish that.

So, that wasn't the actual lunch?

The actual lunch had Laal Maas, which I absolutely freaking love, Gatte pulao, Bajre ki Roti, Khatto Murgh, Ker sangri ki sabji, Tawa Mirchi and a serving of tamarind chutney.

My remaining ninety percent of appetite just made a grand entry after looking at the food.

Who spoils people like that?
Plus, there are so many varieties.
This is literally the best fucking vacation of my existence.

I am getting to have all the 'traditional' food in this platter and I know there's so much more to explore but God, thank you. I am grateful to you.

I understand the serving size is small and only enough to make you feel full but that's still a lot of preparation and effort and I am not complaining.

Ten on ten.

If you want to win over me, give me food.

In the middle of me struggling to cut my through the meat elegantly, because that's how everyone was eating, I noticed Ved eating like he had not had this food since ages.

It was still very regal, the way he was eating, but there was something that made me want to watch him eat and see him get satisfied.

Bad idea.


Because he caught me.

Oh fuck.

I quickly averted my gaze and concentrated on eating. I was actually enjoying the meal and forgot that an awkward moment even happened when in the middle of me devouring the chicken, I felt someone's eyes on me.

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