The Shekhawats

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Advika's POV

Hi Advika,
My family and I would like to invite you for lunch tomorrow. Will you be able to make time for us? We want to make an offer to you.

Wow, what?

I couldn't frame an accurate reaction to the message.

What's going on here? She 'barely' met me. Like, do I even know her name?

I've saved her number as 'Mundota Aunty' and with that one, brief encounter, she AND her family want to make me an offer?

Am I on the path of becoming an episode on True Crime?
Most likely.

Will I accept the offer?
Well, yes, duh!

If anything, she clicks amazing pictures and it looks like she absolutely loves doing it so I could probably get some content.

I could ask my team to shoot content for me too right? Why am I doing it on my own? Because I want my team to rest.

And Kunal can help me if I ask him to but he's working on his new collection and I genuinely don't want to bother him with my requests.

I know GenZs and Wanna-be Influencers are the worst. But hey, people have done worse things in the past - like falling off a bridge while taking a selfie or posing with a loaded gun and blowing off your face?

It doesn't justify my situation. I know.

Stranger Danger is literally the first concept we're taught by our parents. It is supposed to be simple. I don't know the woman, I don't meet her. But here I am.

Okay, let me re-assess. Why do I want to go to that lunch?

Because of the word 'offer'.
Offers can often be associated with opportunities and opportunities can sometimes lead to something good - like monetary gains.

And why would she murder me?
That's not even the argument though.

Should I say 'yes or no'?

Am I being dumb?

I probably am.

"What are you staring at?" Kunal's voice startled me for a second.

I don't know why I turned my phone's screen off. I think I didn't want to show him the message.

And why would I do that?
I have NO idea.

"Nothing," I replied.

"Okay, come to bed," he opened the duvet for me and signalled me to get in.

"Uhh, yes, one second," I said and rushed to the washroom.

He totally must be doubting me. Kudos to you Advika.

Hi ma'am,
Sure, I'd love to be a part of the lunch but what offer are we talking about here?

And within a minute, I had the reply -

It's something we want to discuss with you in person

My curiosity was at its peak. I have to wait till lunch now?

I wanna know the 'offer'.

It's okay. I'll be there. May I know the time, please?

She replied within another minute -

2 PM
One of our staff will escort you to the dining hall

Okay. Processing.
And just then I heard a knock at the washroom door.

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