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C H A P T E R   T W O

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Two months later

"Miss, we are already here," the chauffeur announced as he stopped the car in front of a sort of private train station. "This is the train station where you will be boarding a personal train to Kingston Academy."

Sophie glanced out of the window, and her sight was indeed greeted with a private and grander version of Grand Central, only the train station was located in a sort of remote area surrounded by woods. "Wow, is this like the nine and three quarter train station or something?"

From her peripheral vision, Sophie could see that the chauffeur seemed uncomfortable. Probably because she was acting out of character since there was no way that Vivian Ackerman would refer to one of the most popular fandoms in the world. "Uh, I mean, this is a private train station?"

"Yes, Master Alistair had already informed me to drop you here."

"I take that he is too busy to drop me here?" Sophie asked. Malice did not brim underneath the surface, as she had long accepted that her father would always put his financial empire above anything else. It was a trait that set her on the opposite path from her sister, who often scorned their father for burying himself under work. "Well, I guess so."

"Miss, pardon me for asking, aren't you complaining about how...ignorant the Master is?" The chauffeur carefully asked, and it served as a reminder to Sophie that she was playing a role as her twin sister. Oh well, she had abysmal acting ability, and she would just run with it. "Usually, you are very...brash and all."

Sophie carefully eyed the chauffeur from the car's mirror, trying not to take a misstep that would give away her guise. "Let's just say that I am in a good mood, Mister..."

"It is Troy, Miss, you can call me Mister Troy," the chauffeur offered; relief filled his voice as he said it.

He probably lowered his guard around Sophie because she did not act like a bitchy and bratty daughter of Alastair Ackerman. As much as Sophie cared for her twin, she could be unbearable to be around. Mister Troy was a nice middle-aged man who probably had to deal with Vivian's brash nature daily. Sophie did not blame his apprehension around her, who was supposed to act like Vivian.

"Uh, thank you, Mister Troy, for dropping me here," Sophie awkwardly said as she opened the door. The least she could do was be nice to her father's employee in Vivian's place. Compared to Vivian, Sophie was the twin that possessed a highly self-aware mind, understanding that not everyone was as privileged as her twin sister was.

"Certainly, Miss, let me help you unload your suitcases from the trunk," Mr. Troy hurriedly said as he immediately climbed out of the car to help Sophie unloaded her suitcases. Jesus Christ, it had not been a day yet, and Sophie wished the Earth would be ripped open to swallow her in.

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