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04 | FOUR

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C H A P T E R   F O U R

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"Johanna, wake up. We already arrived at the station."

Slowly, Sophie's eyes fluttered open. Her eyes squinted after the sudden light from the compartment's lamp blinded her for a second. Blinking away the sleepiness, Sophie let out a yawn. "Oh God, we're already here?"

After gathering her formerly dispersed consciousness, Sophie's sight was greeted with Natalya's smiling face. The smile looked good at Natalya, softening her already sharp facial features. High cheekbones, bow shaped lips, Natalya reminded Sophie of a Greek statue that came into life. Natalya's sisterly aura somehow calmed the storm that started to brew in Sophie's self. "Yes, the train has arrived in Kingston's private station. Feels like we just arrived in Hogwarts, right?"

Natalya stared out to the greenery landscape through the compartment's window, a wistful gaze on her pale blue eyes. When looking at her new friend (acquaintance, honestly Sophie did not really know yet), Sophie was reminded of a lost princess. Natalya may not be a royalty like Your Highness Raphael Hernandez (coincidentally the person that rolled into bed with Vivian), but she reminded Sophie of a princess with her elegance. "Natalya?"

"Oh, sorry, I spaced out a little bit," Natalya stammered a little bit, but immediately gathered her wits and returned to her usual calm self. She was one of the most put-together person Sophie had ever met, not once letting her feathers got ruffle. Well, except from the encounter with Marina back in the train. "I should wake Erika up, probably."

After both Natalya and Erika tried to describe Kingston's social hierarchy without digressing into completely irrelevant topics, Sophie finally put it to stop by declaring that they all needed the rest before arriving. "Guys, trust me I live in a small Southern town where the social scene is vicious. Girls competed to be Southern Belles and the fake smiles plastered all over their faces, I guess I can survive Kingston if I can survive...that," Sophie did not want to sound impolite because she certainly had a lot to say about the society her mother took pleasure involving herself in. "And I have you both, even if we just know each other so let's go to sleep. A small warning here, I can be very grumpy if I got sleep deprived."

Snapping herself out of the trance, Sophie blinked. Natalya kicked Erika's shin twice and let out a sigh. Sophie wanted to laugh at the blonde haired girl for struggling. It was apparent that Erika was a heavy sleeper, still snoring softly even after Natalya's attempts to wake her up.

"God, she would not budge," Natalya grumbled after kicking poking Erika's shoulder. "Everyone is already milling out from their compartments with their gazillion suitcases. I waited for majority of people to get out of the train, but now it is almost empty and Erika still doesn't wake up."

"Does it ever occur to you to splash water on her face?" Sophie offered. Living for eleven years with a twin sister that hated mornings more than the population loathed pineapple topping in a pizza helped Sophie to find ways of waking people up.

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