5. Useless

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Nicky's POV

So, my decision to punch Ryder was a great decision at the time, but ultimately not the best thing I could have done.

For instance, I could have come up with a witty retort. I could have glared lasers through his head until it exploded (wishful thinking, I know), I could have been quiet and instead mentally gone over stabbing his eyes out, or I could have just been the bigger person by saying and doing nothing at all.

Yeah, that last option wasn't even an option for me. I have to have the last word . . . or in this case, action.

Unfortunately, I now can't decide if I prefer being handcuffed to the bed, or to the chair he's now cuffed me to.

Let's go over pros and cons.

Pros of being handcuffed to the bed. Comfort. Privacy since I'm in my own room. I don't have to change out of my pajamas.

Cons of being handcuffed to the bed. No mobility. I'm handcuffed to a bed. Boredom will approach fast. Humiliation.

Pros of being handcuffed to the chair. I do have mobility so long as I drag the chair around with me. I have an instant place to sit when I wish to, and that's about it.

Cons of being handcuffed to the chair. No privacy. I'm stuck downstairs unless I feel like lugging the chair back upstairs with me. I have to drag the chair wherever I wish to go. I'm handcuffed to a chair. Humiliation.

Either way, I don't like either option and the only option I prefer is no handcuffs. At least, so long as they're not on me.

I'd really love to handcuff Ryder to the ceiling fan and watching it spin round and round though, impractical as it may be.

"Uh-oh. You're thinking again." I turn to look at Ryder. He points to my head. "I can see the smoke. Plus, I smelled something burning."

I shoot him a glare and move my chair over to the front window and stare outside, my back to him. I hear him let out a chuckle.

"You're supposed to be protecting me," I tell him. "In case that fact somehow slipped your warped mind."

"I am."

"Protecting someone does not include, kidnapping, handcuffing, holding someone against their will-"

"That's basically the same thing as kidnapping."

"-threatening, assaulting-"

"Ok, I'm going to stop you right there," He cuts me off. "I did not assault you. And I am protecting you. It's not my fault you're the most incompetent civilian I've ever had the misfortune of protecting."

I feel my anger flare up again when he calls me incompetent. I'm way smarter than he'll ever be. "I am not-"

"Now, if you actually choose to cooperate, then this would be much more pleasant for you, not for me though since I'll still be stuck protecting you," He continues on, ignoring my interruption.

"If this is so unpleasant for you, why don't you just uncuff me and let me on my merry way."

He gives me a tight smile. "I'd love nothing more. Unfortunately for me and you, I take my job very seriously and my job right now is to protect you and not let you out of my sight."

"Well, you've already failed at that last part." I imagine he's glaring at me from behind his sunglasses, but I really don't know. His jaw clenches up though. "Twice," I add.

"Are you looking to get shot?"

"More threats," I mutter and turn my attention back to the window. I push the curtain to the side just enough for me to see out.

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