Chapter 1: My Parents are Murdered (Edited)

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 Percy POV:

     I was training in the arena when I felt a familiar presence behind me. I stopped my training and turned around to face him then asked.

      "Hello Chiron, how may I help you." I ask and my wolf, Αστέρι came up to me and nudges me, I reach down to pat her head. After the war, Artemis gave me and Annie one to help with our PTSD. Αστέρι also serves as a seeing eye wold. They have a little Mist around them so mortals think they their huskies.

      "You are getting better, my girl. But I am here to tell you that it is time." 

      "I get to go home?" I asked, making sure it was real.

      "Yes child, you are ready to go. Apollo already has papers made for Αστέρι, so just head over to the Apollo cabin after you finish." Chiron says, I run over to him and hug him. 

      "Thanks Chiron." I say and he hugs me back. 

      "You are welcome child, now go say bye to Annabeth and the others." he says and I let go of him and run out the arena. I go and look for Annabeth first and find her in the Pegasus stables with Piper and surprisingly Nico. Over these past few months I have been practicing with feeling the water vapor in the air and have been able to identify the person based on their outline so to speak. I sneak up behind her and put my arms around her with my chin resting on her head. She squeals and Nico and Piper giggle.

      "Percy! Why do you insist on startling me every time you see me?" she yells.

      "Because it's fun." I tell her, then turn to Piper and Nico. "Can you go and get the others please, I have something important to tell ya'll." I hear footsteps and I know that they are leaving, Annie turns around in my arms. 

      "What has you so exited?" she asks. 

       "You will find out when the others get here." I tell her and bend down to kiss her nose. She giggles then pulls me down so our lips meet and we do a quick, heated kiss. We pull apart when I sense the others presence. 

      Thalia is the first to come, along with Leo, Calypso, Frank, Jason and Piper, Hazel, and Will. I wait until they are all in front of me before I start to speak. 

      "Chiron is allowing me to return home." I tell them, they all grin widely, knowing how long I have wanted to go back to see mom, Paul, and my new baby sister who should be born by now. Annabeth gives me a big hug and the rest join in.

      "When do you leave?" Jason asks.

      I frown. "Don't know, but I'm going to start packing. Come on Annie." I say and lead her to my cabin with her wolf, Πιστός, following. When we get there, I go to my closet and take out my camp backpack, enchanted my Aphrodite to never be full. Annabeth helps me pack some clothes and personal belongings along with stuff for Αστέρι. 

      "Here," she says and hands me what feels like a picture frame, but it is a little thicker. "inside is some ambrosia and nectar in case of emergency's. There is also more in the bag." she hands me another bag. "There are some weapons and other things you will need. Stop by the Hephaestus cabin before you leave, Leo has something for you." she tells me and I nod. We finish packing and I lean down and kiss her again.

      "In case I don't get to see you before I leave." I tell her, she smiles and pulls me down for a deeper kiss. After a few moments, we pull away.

      "Go Seaweed Brain, IM me when you get there."  she tells me

      "I will Wise Girl." I tell her and we leave my cabin and go in separate directions, me to the Hephaestus cabin and Annie to hers. When I get there, I knock on the door and Nyssa's voice says 'come in'. I enter and make my way through the parts and pieces of different machines to Leo.

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