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"Five, hold still," (Y/N) sighed as she stitched up his wound.

"Sorry, Flower," Five apologized. Once she was done, he stared up at her, "What's wrong?"

"Um, well, I- there's no easy way to say this," (Y/N) stammered, "I'm just worried you don't feel the same way about us as you used to, I know it sounds stupid and selfish, but-"

(Y/N) was cut off when Five kissed her passionately. This kiss was filled with so much love and affection, (Y/N) almost melted. They pulled away and (Y/N) looked down.

"Look at me," Five instructed. She obeyed, looking up at Five shamefully.

"I love you, (Y/N), nothing will change the way I feel about you," Five said, "You're everything to me, and I'm sorry I don't show it enough."

"No, don't blame yourself, Five," (Y/N) said, tears welling up in her eyes. She smiled and gently kissed his lips, he happily returned the kiss, loving the feeling of their lips together.

"I love you," She whispered.

"I love you, too, forever and always," Five replied, "Now, come on, we have a mission to carry out."

"Where are we going?" (Y/N) asked. Five smiled at her.

"You'll see, darling," Five said.

"Do we have to bring Delores?" (Y/N) asked. Five looked at her with his brow raised.

"Is that jealousy I sense?" Five teased. (Y/N) rolled her eyes as she put a bandaid on Five.

"No, I just don't understand why we must bring the damn mannequin," (Y/N) sighed. Five brushed a stray piece of hair from (Y/N)'a face behind her ear.

"She's going," Five declared.

"Okay," (Y/N) gave in.

"Thank you," Five said while pulling her into a loving hug. (Y/N) leaned into his embrace.

"You're welcome, but I'm watching that mannequin," (Y/N) joked.

Five playfully rolled his eyes as he stood up, put Delores into a duffle bag, and make his way toward the window. (Y/N) quickly grabbed her hoodie and followed Five.

(Y/N) and Five climbed out of the window, only to see Klaus going through the dumpster, talking to who she guessed was Ben. (Y/N) and Five climbed down the ladder, and (Y/N) wondered what her brother was up to.

"I'd ask what you're up to, Klaus, but then it occurred to me, I don't care," Five said as he hopped off the ladder. He offered a hand to (Y/N) and she took it, jumping down as well.

"Hey, you know there are easier ways out of the house, buddy?" Klaus asked, "Or do you two want to be alone that bad?"

Five rolled his eyes as (Y/N)'s face turned scarlet. (Y/N) had never thought of being with Five that way and Klaus was bringing it up a little too much for her liking.

"This one involved the least amount of talking, or so I thought," Five said.

"Hey, hey, hey, so," Klaus started as he and (Y/N) began walking away, "You two need anymore company today? I could, uh, clear my schedule."

"Looks like you've got your hands full," Five pointed to the flask in Klaus's hand. It hurt (Y/N) to see her brother like this.

"Oh, this?" Klaus asked, "No, no, I can do this whenever— I'm just-"

Klaus then fell backwards into the dumpster, making (Y/N) squeeze her eyes shut in disgust and let out a long sigh.

"I've just misplaced something, that's all," Klaus said from inside the dumpster, "Oh! Found it! Thank God!"

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