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Jungkook's POV:-

I was playing with Jeongwu, making him grip my index finger with the whole of his small hands. His eyes were so beautiful, just like his mother and they twinkled whenever he saw me, the same twinkle I see in her eyes nowadays, for me. Only for me.

Yes. He loves me. I know that. Maybe, they both love me.

"Did you miss seeing me little one....?"

I asked in a gobbled voice, bending down to his height and picking him up in my arms. He looked so fragile in my hold and I felt so protective holding him. It was always like this. From the very first time I saw him with her. I have felt this urge in me to protect them.

I met him for the first time in an office party where she came with him. She wasn't willing to come and I was very curious to know why she never attended any parties organised by the office. Due to my constant pressure, where I even threatened to fire her, she had no choice left but to come and then I saw this little life in her arms.

I felt a sharp pain in my heart back then, when I saw her with a child. I don't know why but I never expected her to have her own family. I always had this thought that she belonged to me but it all went crushing down when I saw her with her child. But it was not long, when I learnt from my father that she only had a child but not a family.

She wasn't married when she was pregnant and after this news was out, her boyfriend disowned her and her family made her choose between them and the child, the reason, she is a single mother now.

She has struggled so much that I couldn't help but feel gratitude towards her. I don't why and how but I wanted to be a part of this small family so badly. It has been nearly two months that I started visiting Jeongwu, because I couldn't constrain myself, from being away from them.

She stopped me a lot of times, protesting to fill any gaps between us, but I being the stubborn one, made her give up. I just cannot afford to loose the happiness and peace I get from them.

"Mr. Jeon...."

I heard her soft voice, as I was busy cooing Jeongwu.
I looked up to find her standing with a coffee mug in her hand, forwarding it towards me.


I smiled and again averted my attention towards the little boy who was now busy playing with my tie.

"You want that champ....?"

I asked him and he threw his small hands up excitedly. I chuckled removing my tie and handing it to him.

"He will start chewing on it....."

She said, taking a seat beside me on the couch.

"Do not disturb us....."

I said without looking at her and I could feel her roll her eyes on me. Well! This was normal and I am sure she is used to this now. Though it was playful, but I really don't like anyone disturbing my time with Jeongwu. I am a little possessive about it.

I soon felt Jeongwu tugging on the collar of my shirt, creasing it on his tiny hands. My tie was lying lifeless on the floor after bearing all the small tortures from him.

" Are you intending to take my shirt now champ....?"

I placed him properly on my lap as he was trying futilely to stand up.

"Well your bad...! Your mother can't handle me shirtless....."

I giggled and saw her. Her jaw dropped and cheeks turned deep shades of pink before she scooted away from there and I started tickling the sides of his waist, making him giggle this time.

"I am leaving probably called me thrice in a row...."

I said, walking up to the kitchen, where she was making dinner.

"Mr Jeon.....wait..."

She said, coming closer to me. I was looking at her, as she stood in front of me, her hands reaching up to the collar of my shirt and straightening it.

"You look like you were engaged in a fight....."

She chuckled slowly, and moved back. I was still in her trance, looking at her with all the feelings I had for her. I saw her smile fading away and she looked down.

She couldn't take my intense gaze anymore.

"How do you manage to do, what you do Y/N....!?"

I questioned, mostly to myself. She looked towards me again, raising her brows confusingly.

"You exactly know what I mean....."

I shook my head, chuckling to myself and she started playing with her fingers as she was becoming nervous.

I took a step towards her and she immediately took a step back, as if in reflex. I took another step towards her and before she could step back this time, I caught her wrist, pulling her close to me, attaching us both together.

"When will you stop running away from me....?"

I asked her as she wriggled a little in my embrace.

I encircled her waist, pulling her more close, making sure to not leave much space between us. I wanted her close to me. Just like this...!

"When you will stop chasing me....?"

She said finally, merely whispered, after a minute's silence.

I know I am actually chasing her...! I have tried to woo her so many times but she refused me always...! Everytime....!


I said, without any hesitation. It was indeed true. I won't stop chasing her until I make her mine, completely.

"Why can't you love me ...?"

I joined our foreheads, breathing steadily and I could feel the raise in her heartbeat along with mine.

"I can't ......"

She sighed, saying the same thing.

"It won't make me stop from trying

I said with determination in my voice.

"I am not giving up on you....."

I added a little later, freeing her from my grip and she looked at me with her beautiful yet sorrow filled eyes.


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