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As few days passed, Jungkook stopped approaching Y/N but didn't restrict himself from meeting Jeongwu. He couldn't keep himself away from him. Not after knowing how much it affected the baby last time.

About Y/N, she realised that it was no good of her to push him away because it bought nothing but miseries to herself. Jungkook stopped talking to her, looking for her, throwing tantrums on her and she missed him so much, for everything, which he stopped doing to her.

Jungkook was getting restless day by day. It was so difficult for him to stay away from her. He was dying to talk to her. He didn't missed how she was trying to initiate a conversation between them but he would shut her away, everytime. He didn't wanted to hear the same old things from her, himself being quite oblivious to the fact that she was trying to confess her feelings to him.

"Today I would definitely talk to him, enough of his ignorance...!!"

You said with determination, while getting ready for office. Plopping a small kiss on Jeongwu's forehead, you headed outside your apartment.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

A loud gasp left your mouth as you saw him standing in the campus of the society, where you were living.

"I came to meet you, of course, and him...."

His voice trailed and you felt a sudden rage build up in you, as you heard him, your ex-boyfriend.

Jungkook was apparently, coming to meet you too, because he also had enough of his ignorance towards you. He wanted to hear you talk, whatever you wanted to say to him, which you were trying to do for so many days, until he stopped in his tracks as he saw you standing from a distance, with some other guy, unknown to him.

"He is my child too! You can't keep him away..!"

You heard Mark, your ex-boyfriend speak.

"Where were you when I was raising him all alone?"

You shot a sharp glare at him, oblivious to the fact that another pair of eyes were watching you too from a distance, getting hyped up.

"I am sorry Y/N...! I was a fool to leave you two..."

Mark said, holding your palm.

"...give me a chance please..!"

He stroked the knuckles of your hand. Before you could pull away from him, you felt someone grip your arm, pulling your whole body away from him, before standing in between you two.

"Who are you...?"

You heard Jungkook's voice, laced with coldness and a little bit of anger.

"Who are you..? Get away from her..!"

Mark said, trying to slide him away, only if he could.

"Who is he Y/N...?"

Jungkook turned to you, his eyes were burning with fury.


"I am her boyfriend...! Any problem Mr..?"

Mark said and you gritted your teeths.

"Is he Jeongwu's father...?"

Jungkook asked you again, not even blinking his eyes. His gaze was only on you. For the first time, you couldn't read his eyes and his coldness made you numb. No words formed in your throat but you kept looking at him.

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