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***The next day, Yoongi volunteered to bring Taehyung to school again, but this time, the younger didn't play dumb anymore. He didn't get off the car immediately, instead he turned to face his cousin.

"You know Mini, and if my hunch is right he is your mate !" it's not a question.

Yoongi looks at him with wide eyes and he's about to deny the accusation but Taehyung already beat him to it.

"The reason your house smells like a lavender because your mate's scent is a lavender. I know Mini doesn't have a scent like us but he showed me his house. He's practically bathing in lavender everyday. I was supposed to talk to you last night but I was so full that I fell asleep early hyung. Why didn't you tell me ? Or why aren't you mated with him yet ? Are you the reason why Mini hates alpha ?" Taehyung asked and maybe Yoongi softened.

"I guess you really have grown so fast Tiny. C-can we talk about it later when you go home ?" Yoongi said with a soft voice and maybe Taehyung suddenly feels so guilty about it. He nods at his cousin and nuzzles his neck before he gets off the car.

The truth is, he has no idea what he just told his cousin. But he had a dream last night and in that dream, he saw Yoongi holding Jimin's hands while they're walking in a lavender field. It's kinda weird seeing them together so when he woke up, he couldn't stop thinking until he connected the dots.

He remembers how Yoongi bolted out of the admin office when Jimin arrived during the enrollment period. He also remembers how Yoongi loves his smell when he went home carrying Jimin's scent.

It's kinda creepy that he connected everything just because a single dream.

Taehyung is still absentmindedly walking when a car suddenly stopped in front of him. His eyes widens when he recognized who the driver is.

The driver opens the door from the inside. "Hop in !"

He doesn't need to be told twice so gets in with a wide smile.

"G'morning babe !"

Gukk immediately wanted to regret his decision for letting the wolf in his car when he heard the endearment. He doesn't like it. Babe sounds like that pig cartoon that starred in a movie. But then again, he just ignores him until they're inside the campus.

Jimin spotted them.

"I didn't know your boyfriend is your driver now ?" the witch raised his eyebrows while his eyes are focus on Taehyung's hands that are laced with the alpha's arm.

"Oh, Mini it's because my boyfriend doesn't want me to walk alone, he has decided to fetch me every morning."

Jungkook's eyes widens when he realized what just Taehyung announced again ! Him !?? Fetching the other boy every morning !??

Taehyung pinches his arm subtly when he's about to opposed what he told him. Jimin just looked at them weirdly before they all decided to go inside.

Prof Kim is already inside the Campus Flower Shop when they arrived. The witch greets & welcome everyone immediately.

"Since we are going to make something beautiful today, let's not waste our time. Some of you are going to create bouquet of flowers that you can take home later while some will make a flower crown like this one on my head. Before we start, I want you to check the bottom of your chairs. If you have round lead, that means you're going to create a flower crown and when you have pointed one then you'll have to make a bouquet." He explained.

The students excitedly checked the bottom of their chairs. Jimin & Jungkook both got pointed leaves while Taehyung got a round one.

They all showed their leaved to their professor & as they show it to him, Jin gives them the basic material they will use. They're also free to choose any flowers they want to make.

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