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"What the fuck! What is he doing here?!"

Zino asked in an anger tune when he saw Timothy carried by the two men who is unconscious by now. "Nakialam sya ehh, No choice but to take him with us here!" The girl in front of him said in a bored tune. "We have a deal,but you didn't  make it through! You said you don't get any people involved in this except me and you? But what the hell is this?!" He shouted out of his lungs. But the Woman glance at him once and look him boredlly.

"Will I don't care anymore. I've changed my mind! I want others involved in this case. Including your Girl Alyxa- oops! I've forgot that she's not Alyxa Zeel Standford anymore she already changed her name even her attitude and it's Kyzeel Nimoshien."she said while smirking on him. His Aura was changed when he heard the name of the Woman he love the most more than on his own life. "Don't you dare lay your finger on her! Or else..."Zino said in a cold and anger tune but the Woman did not scared even a little bit. "Or else what? Your gonna kill me?"she then laughed hard tell she die. Oh oh, back to the story.

"Yes! And I will make sure you will suffer for it!"he shout " do what you want. And ohh by the way, it's to late now cause they where here in just a minute,bye may kailangan pa akong taposin!" She then laugh until she disappeared in that dark room where she left Zino dumbfounded. Instead of processing those word he leads on Timothy who is unconscious. "Toby!" "Toby! please wake up!" He shout. No one's answer him. He is about to give up when he heard some foots steps going towards them. He then continue waking up Timothy. In just a minute Timothy was awake."argh! Shit! Where the fuck am I?!"he shout and then roamed his eyes on the dark room
where they have been since one day.

"Are you feeling well now?"Zino asked, Timothy was startled when he Heard someone's talking to him."who are you? Wait, is that you Zino?"he asked in surprised. "Yeah! We have no time to explain, come on we have to escape on this fucking dark room!"he said then help Tim to stand. "Can you manage to walk by yourself?"he asked. Tim nodded and continue walking."By the way. Why are you here?"Zino asked while walking and looking for an exit. "Cause your here!"he then smiled at him before continue walking.


"What the fuck! How many guards are there?bakit di sila maubos ubos?"Xander shout habang nakikipagpalitan ng bala sa kalaban. Marami na silang na patay pero tila hindi maubos ubos ang mga taong kalaban nila."would you shut up your fucking mouth Xan,your so irritating!"Brent said on Xander. Walang nagawa si Xander kundi ang tumahimik. Baka sya pa matamaan ng bala na nasa baril ni Brent.

Nasa labas sila ng building ng school nila noon. Sila lang walo ang nasa labas habang sina Ky naman ay nasa loob na. Hindi na pansin ng mga guwardya na pinapasok na pala sila at isa isa nang namamatay ang mga ito dahil palihim silang sinasalakay Nina Ky.

"Nian,Kera,And KC don  kayo sa kabila,hanapin nyo sina Kuya and Zino."......"Max,Kim Lhea and Jeil don kayo sa kabila clear the area para makalabas sila ng maayos ok?"Ky commanded on them. They all just nodded in response."what about you?"Kim asked,napatigil naman sila. At nagtaka rin kung bakit sya mag-isa."I can handle my self. May tataposin lang akong diko natapos noon!"she then wink on them and started roaming around the building.

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