Chapter 1

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Sorry it took me a bit to get this out 😅

I needed to come up with a plot, and if you have any ideas then feel free to message me or comment (Why do I sound like a teacher???)


Third Person POV

"Fucking, Hag..." A certain blonde teen muttered, kicking the stones on the sidewalk as he trekked an unfamiliar path. School had just let out, and while everyone else was relaxing or training at the dorms, Bakugou had to go to a stupid orphanage. "Who the fuck does she think she is?! Bossing me around like that... Tch.."

Bakugou was extra pissed today because of all the shit that's happened to him that just made him want to tear his hair out.

First off, he woke up late because he didn't set his alarm and had to skip breakfast. Then, that damn Deku had to go and almost beat him in training. But, of course, in the end, Bakugou won because there's no way he would let himself lose to that fucking green bean-looking ass. 

Once school let out, he went to a local convenience store to buy something to drink for the trip to the orphanage where this blonde teenager bumped into him, making him spill the drink on himself. And the extra didn't even fucking apologize, he just stood there and laughed for a good second before walking out.

Bakugou was this close to killing him.

On top of all that, he had a fight with his mom last night. Now, that's nothing new, but then the old hag had to go and say that he had to learn how to be grateful. Originally, he'd just rolled his eyes, she said the same thing literally a few days ago in their last fight. But, she then added on to her statement,

'You're going to be volunteering at an orphanage until you learn how to appreciate what you have.'

Of course, he protested. But there was no room left for arguing. Now, he's on his way to the fucking orphanage. Apparently, the old witch saw a flyer and was going to go there herself but, and I quote, 'found a better candidate who better get his head out of his ass before I beat it out'. 

He'd already gotten lost twice before finally deciding to use the directions his mom gave him.

"Fucking hag..."

A few minutes later

"Hello," An almost too cheery voice welcomed Bakugou at the front door of a brick building. "You must be Bakugou. I'm Ms. Parker and I run Holly Hill Orphanage."

"Tch.. Whatever." Bakugou refrained from cursing for a single minute, cautious of kids.


Just because he's an asshole, doesn't mean that he's completely heartless. 


Also, contrary to popular belief, Bakugou didn't hate kids. He just merely disliked them. A lot.

"Now, follow me. You're the first to show up, too. I'll lead you to the main room where you can meet the orphans as we wait for the others to arrive." With that, she disappeared into the building.

The blonde barely stopped himself from yelling at the woman to get the fuck behind him. His neck tingled like there was a set of eyes watching him. But there was no one there. 

Scrunching his brows for a second, Bakugou shook his head and stepped into the building, closing the large wooden doors behind him.

Fucking hag...

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