Chapter 6

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Third Person POV

After Sachi finished introducing Bakugou to all of the kids, which he was barely paying attention to, but the way, they exchanged numbers and Sachi left Bakugou outside Liam's door. He said that they should 'bond' more since they're the oldest in the house and Liam already takes care of them on a regular basis.

Apparently, no one else had volunteered at the orphanage, so it was just Bakugou.


Opening the door, Bakugou saw Liam sitting at the only desk in the room with the same headphones on and a computer and textbook in front of him. "Sachi?" Looking up, the other quickly groaned and turned back to his work. "What do you want?"

"What gives you the right to talk down on me?!"

"Maybe the fact that I can actually act my age?"

"Bringing that shit up, again? Petty bastard."

"I'm the petty one?" Liam looked unconvinced. "You're the one who held a grudge against me because you ran into me."

"You clearly ran into me!"

"Whatever, I'm not going to sit here and argue with you."

"Don't ignore me, extra!"

"Well, I have work to do," Liam said. 

"I don't want to be here either!" Bakugou growled, unable to find an upper hand. "It was Sachi's fucking idea."

"You're friends with Sachi?" Liam almost sounded surprised.

"What's it to you?"

"Nothing. I just didn't know that anyone would want to be friends with you."

"Not like you have any either."

"I think I have enough. It'd probably do you some good."

"Was that supposed to be an insult?!"

"I guess."

"If you're gonna argue with me, you better at try. Unless you're too weak."

Ignoring Bakugou's comment, Liam continued to highlight something in the book. "Oh, Sachi texted me saying that you made the kids snacks."

"Yeah, I fucking did. Not like I had much of a choice."

"Thanks for that, I needed to catch up on my work."

"What? Is it too smart for your puny pea-sized brain to figure out?"

"Probably still bigger than your brain."


"Get out now, I'm trying to study." Bakugou wanted to tear his hair out and shout at this boy for hours on end, punching him repeatedly in the face.

"Fuck you."

"Now look at who's reusing old comments."

"I'm going to fucking kill you."

"That's kinda new, but still not original. You going to leave yet?" Liam asked impatiently.

Bakugou growled and walked out. Slamming the door behind him like he did the first time and stalked towards the front door.

How much longer do I need to stay in this hellhole?

The closest clock read, 5:58. 



Bakugou balled his fists, his nails bug into the skin on his palm and it started to sting. Muttering curses under his breath, Bakugou kept on walking around aimlessly. There wasn't anything for him to do.

Chatter came from the other side of one of the large doors along the hallway, a sliver of a faint grey light shone through a small gap between the doo and the wall. Curiously, Bakugou peeked through the crack.

A bunch of kids were huddled up on the one couch and around it on the floor. Blankets were strewn everywhere and a large TV screen played a movie, Despicable Me. The younger ones were giggling at one of the minions and the older kids were either on their own phones or were also enjoying the movie. Large empty bowls sat in different locations among the kids. 

A small part of Bakugou was gagging at the sappy moment, but the other, smaller half, of him, enjoyed seeing the peaceful looks on their children's faces. 

... Ew..

Fully closing the door, Bakugou breathed. Another tug of his heart filled him with longing. He was forced to lean against the wall and lean his head back to stop tears from forming. Old memories filled his head. Sometimes, he just wanted to relax with his own family and watch a movie while making jokes. Even when he was younger it seemed like a false fantasy, now, even more so.

But seeing all of them so peacefully enjoying it made him warm a little bit.


Maybe I can give them what I never got...


I know it's VERY cheesy, but I honestly don't know what else to do to get them to 'bond', I guess.

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