Chapter 2

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This one's a bit short 😅 (sorry!) 

As you can see, Liam's gonna be a bit different, but in the end, his personality will still be the same.

Also, updates might be a bit more inconsistent than in the last book cause school exists and I also need to 'develop' *ahem* have *ahem* a plot.


Third Person POV

Bakugou followed Ms. Parker deeper into the house. His head swiveled from side to side, taking in the new surroundings. A faint sound of laughter and talking was drawing closer and for some weird reason, it made his stomach churn.

I'm not scared of any stupid kids!

Bakugou huffed, deciding to distract his mind from the uneasiness. His thoughts immediately turned sour as he thought of all the other things that he could be doing at the moment.

Namely beating the shit out of Kirishima because he failed his second test in a row.

And they even studied for it! (a/n: NO SHIP, JUST GOOD FRIENDSHIP)

You're so dead when I get back...

"Alrighty," The familiar sickly sweet sound of that wretched woman's voice greeted Bakugou's ears. He scowled but let her continue. "Here we are." She gestured towards the large doors, only now did the teen realize that they had walked all the way to the end of the hall and were standing in front of a large set of wooden doors, like the ones at the entrance.

"I assume you know what to do, so, I'll leave you to it." Ms. Parker left with a small pep in her step that he was pretty sure wasn't there earlier.

Inwardly groaning, Bakugou held up the middle finger to her back, knowing his mom would kill him if he didn't anything other than that.

"Fuck you, too.." The giggling behind the door made the boy tear his gaze away from the woman sauntering down the halls. "Why the hell do I have to be here again?"

The urge that Bakugou had to slam his head into the wall was almost overwhelming.

"Screw it, I ain't no damn weakling." 

Yanking the large doors open, the chatter on the other side immediately stopped. All eyes were on Bakugou, and it was making his skin crawl. 

His scowl deepened. "What are you extras looking at?!" Only the older kids' faces started to grow a familiar look of distaste. The younger ones seemed unfazed and they looked from Bakugou to another boy who was scrolling through his phone with black headphones on. Most likely the one in charge.


Bakugou opened his mouth to shout at the teen, secretly wanting to break the silence when the boy looked up. Both eyes shone in recognition, though only one seemed surprised.

"Oh, it's you..."


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