Chapter 3

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Third Person POV

The teen merely rolled his eyes and took off his headphones, standing up. 

Bakugou was furious.

How dare this extra disregard him so easily?!

A menacing scowl crawled onto his face, the children nearest to him leaned away a little in fear, not going unnoticed by the other.

"Hey, idiot," The teen said offhandedly. "You're scaring the kids."

The veins in Bakugou's neck pulsed annoyance. "I DON'T GIVE A SH-,"

"Nope!" The other said loudly and crossed the silent room and opened the door. "Out here."

"Like you can make me-," He roughly grabbed Bakugou by the sleeve and jerked him past the doors and slammed them shut. 

The angry blonde moved to shout again, but the other merely covered his mouth so nothing but muffled curses could be heard. Bakugou thrashed and tried to pry his hands off his face, but this dude had a grip of steel. 

"Wait until we get somewhere else. Away from the children. Then you can have your dumb little tantrum."

Bakugou shouted into the hand, "Iffs noftd a thanthrum, ou bish!" 

The boy only shrugged. "I'm just saying what it is. The name's Liam. Liam Warner."

"I fon't hif a thuck what our pamn thame isth!"

"Don't speak, it's sad." Bakugou's eyes blazed with fury at this single teenager. 

Liam rounded the corner at the opposite end of the hallway, having already passed the entrance, and turned to the right to another hall. Once he got to the last door on the right, Liam opened it and led both of them inside, closing the door behind him, finally letting go of Bakugou's mouth.

The spiky-haired boy spewed quiet curses and threats from his mouth like it was a faucet. Bakugou wiped his lips and glared at Liam who just shrugged and sat on the only bed in the room.

"Now have your little shouting match where you whine and bitch about how 'unfair I was' or how 'I'm such an ass'."

"YOU'RE A FUCKING PRICK, YOU KNOW THAT?! YOU'RE GONNA DIE FOR THAT, JACKASS!" Explosions ignited in Bakugou's palms, making a loud crackling sound. Liam sighed.

"Whatever... Like you could do it anyways."

"WH-, I COULD IF I FUCKING WANTED!" The boy growled before the explosions stopped. "You're not worth my time, anyways, damn extra."

"Did you just call me an extra?"

"Ha, what're gonna be about it? Go whine to your m-," Bakugou stopped himself. But they both already knew what he was about to say. 'Go whine to your mommy.' 

A sense of queasiness made the thought of looking down in 'shame' cross his mind before Bakugou abruptly shoved it out. 

Hell. No.

"Tch. Whatever." Bakugou tried to ignore the look of coldness in Liam's eyes. "You gonna cry?"

He rolled his eyes, the look was gone like it was never there. "Ha. Ha. You know I'm not a baby"

"Oh, really? I couldn't tell."

"I guess I shouldn't have expected more."


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