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TBATE - Fate's Kindness by Kimera_1
TBATE - Fate's Kindnessby Kimera
King Grey is a man unrivaled in strength, always on top and second to none, until he was assassinated and was reincarnated into another world where, for the first time i...
Tbate reacts??  by Ashiya_Triscan
Tbate reacts?? by Ashiya_Triscan
Do I even need to say anything? *NOTE* **-The story and characters used don't belong to me all credit to the original author. I am just using his work for entertainment...
After the Storm {Book 2} by itsKristen
After the Storm {Book 2}by itsKristen
The sequel of the greatly known, Success is the Best Revenge; Six months after the tragic event at the hospital, Jason is left with the pain and guilt of dealing with hi...
TBATE - Any means necessary by KuuroS
TBATE - Any means necessaryby Kuuro
After Alea's death Arthur desires to protect everyone he cares for by any means necessary.
Success Is the Best Revenge {Book 1} **Watty Awards 2012** by itsKristen
Success Is the Best Revenge { itsKristen
Seventeen year old Alea Peters has the perfect boyfriend. But a prom night gone wrong tears them apart forever. What happens when the girl her boyfriend left her for com...
A cold unending labyrinth. An infinite void of nothingness. A ghost living in the past. An eternally smoldering flame. They weren't always like this. There was a ti...
Divine by MiniTeddyBearrr
Divineby MiniTeddyBear
Knowledge is a curse. Choices are a burden. And living can be a sin. After an unsuccessful attempt at death, Arthur is given another chance to rewrite history and ultima...
me in dragon booster  by byakuya978
me in dragon booster by Alea Craig
I am going to be a blue and white dragon of legend and I am going to look like beau and I belong to artha penn and my name will be the dragon named Alea.
"Kita bertemu kembali atas kehendakNya, dengan izinNya." SAMPAI WAKTU PERTEMUKAN KITA LAGI ALEA QASHRYNA X...
Alea Aquarius - Dunkle Wellen [Abgeschlossen] by Madame_Magica
Alea Aquarius - Dunkle Wellen [ Luna
! FORTSETZUNG VON BAND 5 ! ~Ein Oneshot mit zwei Kapiteln~ [Abgeschlossen] [Denkt nicht über die Logik nach, ich weiß nicht was ich mir damals dabei gedacht habe... XD ;...
Accidentally in love by ygsmjypbh
Accidentally in loveby C-R-A-F-T = can't remember a...
One night, A girl is walking in the streets late at night and she's drunk. One guy came to the rescue and They ended up sleeping together. and now The guy is annoying th...
YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO by Emailey00000004
YOU DON'T HAVE TO GOby Emailey00000004
Emailey and stina are twin sister who are living together without their parents,. They are only 18 years old but stina has a dream of one day she can be together with...
From Love to Pain by bhea_thrize
From Love to Painby bhea_thrize
"You have me until the very last star in the galaxy dies."
Pokemon: Alea, Full-Fledged Demon, a Pokemon Master  by byakuya978
Pokemon: Alea, Full-Fledged Alea Craig
It is about my main character in the Pokemon World
Race against Time by Wolverina2002
Race against Timeby Wolverina
Just me, translating a slightly older Piece of Work into English. Hope you Guys enjoy. Please give Feedback.
Faded souls /Skyrim fanfiction\ by LinkDaKhajiit
Faded souls /Skyrim fanfiction\by YourFriendLink
She was lost, cold, hurt, and hungry when she first met him. Raven found her way to Skyrim after her older brother goes missing. The clues show to a cave but being from...
At the Bottom of the Ocean for a Night || Samuel Draco || Alea Aquarius by hex_8A9A5B
At the Bottom of the Ocean for a ✦ Thinking... (That's new)
7 years after Orion was defeated. Alea and Lennox visit Ben, Niki and Sammy, which live on the Crucis. They go to Kiel to make music but Sammy isn't feeling well. He can...
Off to Hell by ScorpiaEvergreen
Off to Hellby Scorpia Evergreen
It all started with a disaster, so why not end with one? Thirteen-year-old Alea is a perfectly ordinary girl whose only concern is paying back the mother who works so ha...
Destiny to meet (Alea Alex x Bea) by LillacIsGayPride
Destiny to meet (Alea Alex x Bea)by Lillac Is Weird
This is a story about Alea my OTP. This story is saying how Alex and Bea were pretty much destin to meet.