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Don't Let Go  by bittersweetlou
Don't Let Go by bittersweetlou
"It's like my brain is playing hide and seek.. only one day I won't find it." Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been best friends since kindergarten. The p...
💝💝 BECAUSE OF YOU 💝💝    yizhan ff ( Complete ) by Rukshikakalhari
💝💝 BECAUSE OF YOU 💝💝 Rukshika kalhari
උණුසුම් ම හුළගකට විසිරෙනා කෙස් රොදක්... දිලිසෙනා දෑස් ලඟ නැවතුනා හදවතක්..... හදන්නට බැරිම හිත සුවවෙලා පුදුමයක්... අතාරින්නට නොහැකි නුඹේ හිත අරුමයක්....❤️💚
💚❤️  TARGET ❤️💚   ( yizhan ff ) Complete .. by Rukshikakalhari
💚❤️ TARGET ❤️💚 ( yizhan ff ) Rukshika kalhari
ඔව් ගිම්හානයටත් පතොක් මල් පූදිනවා... පොළොව ඉරි තැලිලා වේලිලා ගියත් එකම එක වැස්සකින් ආපහු හැංගිලා තිබුනු අංකුර පනගහලා පොළොවෙන් උඩට මතුවෙනවා... ❤️ ඉතින් මට වෙන්න ඇහැකී ඉ...
For My Girls by WrittenbyKee
For My Girlsby 𝐌𝐚𝐤𝐧𝐚𝐞 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬𝐬
Season 1 🌹 "ever since 9th grade I've been called Skinny Minny and now I'm tired of it" ***************************************************** 16 year old Jay...
Dabi by hisokaspinkbungee
Dabiby :)
🚨TRIGGER WARNINGS🚨 Gore, kidnapping, anxiety, strong language Unedited I literally hate this story so much bc it was the first one I wrote (Kinda Dabi x reader) Sampl...
Saved. by soupskittles
#6 piperr🪦
TW: Eating Disorders! Meredith isn't eating again. Addison is back trying to win Derek over but she notices the blonde. Starts off as MerAdd but ends up Merzona
Love me now | Choi Yeonjun by lavienha_
Love me now | Choi Yeonjunby hiatus
"Before it's too late, love me now." (UNEDITED)
The Inheritance (Book 2) [Complete] by UglyLani
The Inheritance (Book 2) [Complete]by lani lupondwana
inheritance /ɪnˈhɛrɪt(ə)ns/ noun a thing that is inherited. "he came into a comfortable inheritance" Similar: legacy bequest endowment birthright estate herita...
Charity Case |13reasonswhy| by everbeyond
Charity Case |13reasonswhy|by everbeyond
Being a half of an 'It' couple was hard enough, but after the accident being a single parent would be worse.
Remember Me by eykim28
Remember Meby emma
"Even if you start to forget everything about you, I promise I will still remember you." When Brett is diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease, Eddy is...
Royal Blood (BoyxBoy)  by withallthetragedy
Royal Blood (BoyxBoy) by Audreanna hands
In this world,People of my status are used as slaves.Well actually I'm the only one used as a slave.Because no one else in this world has my status.Because I'm weak and...
Mirror Mirror On The Wall by AruthorTheKing
Mirror Mirror On The Wallby AruthorTheKing
What if you were looking in the mirror and your reflection suddenly started doing things differently. Things have been getting pretty strange for 14 year old Klay. He co...
we're only getting older || Bucky Barnes || ✔️ by DropTheBasil
we're only getting older || DropTheBasil
In which Bucky slowly starts remembering his sisters and both Caps are there for him when he needs them. Growing up in a household with three younger sisters, Bucky is u...
True Butterflies(Meradd) by xgreysiconss
True Butterflies(Meradd)by Kiara
This story is a what-if Addison and Meredith were a couple when she found out Derek was married.
Shivika OS by Zainab_0123
Shivika OSby Zainab123
Os Series on our favourite couple Shivika Request section of Os starts from 1 till 5 date of every month
Growing Pains by unnamedconspirator
Growing Painsby unnamedconspirator
Before Meredith Grey became a doctor, before Olivia Benson became an SVU detective, two people unwanted by their mothers struggle with the reality that some things never...
Undivided Attention (Roblox Flicker.) by KIOMM_
Undivided Attention (Roblox KIOMM
An Omegaverse Story Between Dvir and Jojo. I bless you to not see these characters in game the same ever again. this is all for jokes as u can see plz don't attack me 🥺
Savannah by AJMohlgan
Savannahby AJ Mohlgan
When Meriam Jabbari meets Aarav Agarwal she is instantly swept away by his goodness and charm. He ultimately confides in her a dark secret about his past. Meriam must pu...
{Holiday Town} The Beginning Of A New Era [Multifandom Fic] by PreWarDetective
{Holiday Town} The Beginning Of One of the Drunks
!!Make sure to read the Warning below!! Ever wanted an AJR fan fiction that seemed to be on drugs? Well, you found it. ~~~ [A revision of a story named "Holiday Tow...