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Growing Pains by unnamedconspirator
Growing Painsby unnamedconspirator
Before Meredith Grey became a doctor, before Olivia Benson became an SVU detective, two people unwanted by their mothers struggle with the reality that some things never...
stubborn love (Yizhan ff.... Complete  ) by Rukshikakalhari
stubborn love (Yizhan ff.... Ru shi
ඉරිතැලුනු මේ පොළොව මතට නොවී රුදු මේගයක්.... නිවා සනසාලන්න වන්න දිය බින්දුවක්
Don't Let Go  by bittersweetlou
Don't Let Go by bittersweetlou
"It's like my brain is playing hide and seek.. only one day I won't find it." Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been best friends since kindergarten. The p...
Dream SMP memes by g4ys0n
Dream SMP memesby g4ys0n
The title says it all lmao
Saved. by soupskittles
#5 piperr🪦
TW: Eating Disorders! Meredith isn't eating again. Addison is back trying to win Derek over but she notices the blonde. Starts off as MerAdd but ends up Merzona
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waiting for superman | f1 by thestarklegacy
waiting for superman | f1by thestarklegacy
when your father (a former ferrari mechanic) was diagnosed with alzheimer's, your world turns upside down. you had to give up your city life, get back to your village to...
The Inheritance (Book 2) [Complete] by UglyLani
The Inheritance (Book 2) [Complete]by lani lupondwana
inheritance /ɪnˈhɛrɪt(ə)ns/ noun a thing that is inherited. "he came into a comfortable inheritance" Similar: legacy bequest endowment birthright estate herita...
My gf is a heartless ceo by Maestralie
My gf is a heartless ceoby Black_Spade
Zeikhanlie is a hardwoking,friendly and extrovert person. Many people admire her because of her simple beauty but really attractive. She's also a humble person that's wh...
The Librarian by TrippyBoi333
The Librarianby TrippyBoi333
This story is about Stephen Raj, a librarian who becomes a revenge-thirsty cold-blooded serial killer for a good cause.
Game/ Completed  by BarbaraRatliff3
Game/ Completed by Barbara Ratliff
... Making dreams come true, finding herself involved in a little romance, experiences her wish for less trouble that seems to perk around the corners. It keeps her righ...
Royal Blood (BoyxBoy)  by withallthetragedy
Royal Blood (BoyxBoy) by Audreanna hands
In this world,People of my status are used as slaves.Well actually I'm the only one used as a slave.Because no one else in this world has my status.Because I'm weak and...
Matt & Doe | Complete by writing_slowly
Matt & Doe | Completeby Nina ❤
"Where'd you grow up?" "I can show you," Matthew shrugged, "But leave your questions at the door." ••• Mat...
Shivika OS by Zainab_0123
Shivika OSby Zainab123
Os Series on our favourite couple Shivika Request section of Os starts from 1 till 5 date of every month
Dabi by hisokaspinkbungee
Dabiby :)
🚨TRIGGER WARNINGS🚨 Gore, kidnapping, anxiety, strong language Unedited I literally hate this story so much bc it was the first one I wrote (Kinda Dabi x reader) Sampl...
Complicated Love (Dramione) by B_Minnie
Complicated Love (Dramione)by B_Minnie
A Harry Potter fan fiction. All characters in this story belong to JK Rowling except for young minerva, Ricardo, Niamh and their children. Hermione Granger loves her hus...
barbies closet robot x reader (smut) by keepingupwithlily
barbies closet robot x reader ( lily
you meet closet while picking up xanax trying to jump start your career as a druggie. you will realize how hard (😉) it is to be with closet, you've realized that you fe...
DIARY of a wimpy kid: SQUID GAME by Abbas_lion
DIARY of a wimpy kid: SQUID GAMEby Abbas_lion
Life's amazing until Greg entered the squid games. Will he be able to win the jackpot or feel death?
Wish Upon A Memory by YasmineMobley3
Wish Upon A Memoryby Yasmine Mobley
Nayema Montgomery is a seventeen year old high school senior who excels in everything she does. She is set to graduate from high school, but there's a problem: she is sh...
A Fight to Remember by unnamedconspirator
A Fight to Rememberby unnamedconspirator
What happens when you lose who you are? Can you find yourself again? Will you listen to your heart? MERDER, The continuation... A story about growing up, growing old. Fa...
DHMIS Headcanons B) by Clown0a0
DHMIS Headcanons B)by Amber WoodWorth
✨These are only about the teachers but there may be some mentions of the 3. Mentions of alcohol.