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How Sweet The Sound by thatchristiangirlx
How Sweet The Soundby Fimi Babalola
★ ★ ★ #1 Godly Relationship 18/02/2022 #1 Bible 06/04/2022 #1 bwbm 06/04/2022 #1 Amazing Grace 06/04/2022 #1 speech to text 18/04/2022 #1 Holy Spirit 02/05/2022 #1 Jesu...
You Might Be The One ~ Cody Calafiore fan fic by AndreaLovesIceCream2
You Might Be The One ~ Cody Via <3
I don't have a good description, but this is a whole series of two people named Sophia and Cody going on all kinds of different game shows. It's basically their whole lo...
Choke point by Essien_Eno
Choke pointby Essien Eno
~~~ Teasers ~~~ "What are we going to do now?" Everyone turned towards her, the same fear that was in her eyes was also in theirs. "Who's going to die ne...
felicity rose | faith seed by jacobsjudge
felicity rose | faith seedby vic
❝ lead me to the bliss ❞ - she was the purest of them all, they desired her, but her heart belonged to one. they saw sadness in her kind eyes. Felicity Rose was an angel...
KotLC Memes/Incorrect Quotes/Idrk by WTFanfiction
KotLC Memes/Incorrect Quotes/Idrkby Sam The Simp
(Most of these will be already existing memes or other things that I just changed to be KotLC) I don't own KotLC
randomness by DexIsAwesome101
randomnessby ✰☾︎Grizel☽︎✰
mainly survivor maybe amazing race, musicals, hp, kotlc, pjo, and hoo
Amazing Grace  by Anayaah1611
Amazing Grace by Anayaah1611
"Are you too pretty for a male," the saffron haired boy said, playing with the sheath of his sword. "Or am I just seeing things?" "Definitely...
The Sweetest Sound ✞ ✓ by alwaysauburn
The Sweetest Sound ✞ ✓by Aria Rose
Two girls. Two testimonies. One Savior.
Who You Say I Am by emmers03
Who You Say I Amby Emmers
This is my Testimony of what God has done in my life.
Amazing Grace by namelessena
Amazing Graceby Beyonce
"Twas Grace hath brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home" This story was written in 2013 by my sister Marlee. All credit goes to her.
GRACE ♥️ ✔ by CharlesStargirl
GRACE ♥️ ✔by Stargirl Undercover
#1 in indeed - July 30 2021 #6 in Overcomer #1 in Christian books #4 in Amazing grace Sophia lives a life full of disastrous happenings, and she does not know about Jesu...
The Elite School by GodofProcastination
The Elite Schoolby GodofProcastination
Amy is a genius. That's what everyone says. Fluent in 5 languages at just the age of 16. Her best friend Chris is another genius, who is able to speak 3 languages fluent...
  Dead💀soul❤Living🌹 by Milan65
Dead💀soul❤Living🌹by SonamChokiJorden
A scary night alone in the living room🌹
Letters of His Undying Love (Poem) by beencouraged_
Letters of His Undying Love (Poem)by Christine
This is how God brings me in His Words where true light is offered.
The World With You (Silence and Sound Sequel) by CelesteSkyeHolmes
The World With You (Silence and Celeste Skye Holmes
Sequel to "Silence and Sound". Tessa and Scott decide to address Marina's schemes by entering The Amazing Race Canada. While they compete around the world, the...
My testimony  by TayTay0929
My testimony by TayTay0929
We all have stories and here's mine
Amazing Grace by writingmongrel
Amazing Graceby writingmongrel
What happens when the famous Liam Payne is on the lookout for love and stumbles into a golden eyed girl? Will it ever work out? Or will Sophia get in the way once again?