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The Opposite of Falling Apart [Formerly Three and a Half Good Legs] by titanically-
The Opposite of Falling Apart [ Mic
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION Jonas, having lost his leg, and Brennan, plagued by terrible anxiety, collide one summer. Soon, they're both finding themselves. Together. ...
A Summer To Remember by Writerandreader17
A Summer To Rememberby Tawney
After a swimming accident leaves Dylan a triple amputee, he struggles to find a sense of normal in his life. He doesn't want to be known as the wheelchair kid. He wants...
From The Other Side by ccreator
From The Other Sideby grey
Isaiah always had his focus set on school and baseball, but when he meets August, he suddenly begins questioning more than just his lack of a social life. ...
The Opposite of Falling Apart by titanically-
The Opposite of Falling Apartby Mic
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION There are imperfect moments in every life-but sometimes, there are perfect accidents . . . What's the point of pretending nothing has changed whe...
A Soldier's Tale by shortstack-21
A Soldier's Taleby Kailyn
AU: Percy is a Navy Seal and meets Annabeth. After several tours, an accident that will change his life. Follow him and Annabeth through their life. Will Percy be able t...
Welcome to Cavalon by awkwardpenguin3
Welcome to Cavalonby awkwardpenguin3
When Charlotte is shipped off who knows where to Cavalon, a 'correctional facility for troubled teens' that specializes in disabilities and injuries, she doesn't know wh...
Amputee by Kimchi_Squared
Amputeeby Kimchi_Squared
Ginger Steele's two favorite things are the woods in her backyard and snow. But one day, while walking in the woods on a snowy day, an old tree falls on her right leg. ...
Jaywalking with Strangers by JemmaRyan3
Jaywalking with Strangersby Jemma Ryan
Two mismatched individuals meet unexpectedly. What follows is a night of exploration and self-discovery that neither one expected.
A quarter (amputated Hinata au) by alec200
A quarter (amputated Hinata au)by alec200
Hinata was in a bad accident as a 3rd year in middle school and worked all summer on his prosthetic leg. Now he's qualified to play volleyball. Though it's a secret, he...
Hidden by nightowl7799
Hiddenby nightowl7799
It's not easy being the new girl especially when you have a twisted past, a geniuses brain, a British accent oh and you only have one leg. To make things worse Tavi als...
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Half a man by Misstitcha
Half a manby Elodie B.
Tom Holland had everything. A dream job, fame, money, you name it. Until he screwed it all up. Now he's just a shadow, a cripple and his world has shrinked down to an e...
Just An Ordinary Teenager. Discontinued by Phoenixfly16
Just An Ordinary Teenager. SebStark17
Peter Parker was just an ordinary teenager, he got given homework, he hanged out with his friend. Well that is how everyone else see him as just an ordinary teenager, bu...
A Little Different ~ Bughead by TeamBugheadAllTheWay
A Little Different ~ Bugheadby TeamBugheadAllTheWay
Betty Cooper is 17 and new to the small town of Riverdale she's just moved from LA to Riverdale with her family for a "fresh start". Betty move to Riverdale be...
Wanderer of the Night | Emmett Cullen by lucefatale
Wanderer of the Night | Emmett femme fatale
TWILIGHT// Puck has a penchant for near death experiences. Four times exactly, if you're counting. He also has a missing leg, a heck load of scarring, and a relation i...
My love for you will never change  by laabsmir
My love for you will never change by Janaya Lover
Amaya didn't notice the scratch on her leg until she collapsed on the floor of her and Janai's tent in pain. Based after the events of season five of TDP
Shimp (Mermaid Eustass Kid Xreader) by -L1mb0-
Shimp (Mermaid Eustass Kid Xreader)by The Edge Lord
"I can take the bus!" "You can take the bus when that leg grows back." 24, single, and missing a leg. ______ ______ loses her golden opportunity to...
Survivor Wts by harmonyy-x
Survivor Wtsby harmonyy-x
Younger Sister of Meredith Grey starts internship alongside her Sister, watch as she faces challenges and falls in love.
Liybimaya (Bucky Barnes) by Emma386
Liybimaya (Bucky Barnes)by Emma Lenton
Liybimaya bucky get a suprise, someone thrown into his cell. scared he knew he needed to protect them. Partners together the winter soldier and winter widow, lovers. W...
Two-Way Mirror by Kaeleigh298
Two-Way Mirrorby Kaeleigh
Leslie lives in a "perfect" world. Kids running down the street giggling, adults chatting over tea. The government claims the key to this "perfection"...
Wings of Steel by Elisedeluxe
Wings of Steelby Elisedeluxe
When people think about Hineta Shoya, they think about the happy boy who is brighter than the sun with a seemingly never-ending store of energy. People think about the v...