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Jag andhera tu sitara mera (Complete ✅) by Sinthia_BD
Jag andhera tu sitara mera ( Sinthia Tasnim
This ff was created on Colorstv's most popular show barristerbabu. Its totally based on my imagination. I am starting my story from Manorama and Anirudh's marriage tra...
Healing her scars by fusion_writes
Healing her scarsby Prachi
hi guys Iam prachi shilpa , this is first time iam writiing that too on our favourite couple anidita want to start a story the track starts from after manorama, I pe...
The Gambling Of Their Hearts by AurrishtxAnidita
The Gambling Of Their Heartsby Tamanna ✨
Hello Guys, This is an Anidita Fanfiction I am starting this plot from where Anirudh married Manorama for bondita's "Ujjwal Bhavishya". But what will happen if...
KEH DOOH TUMHEIN  by Aurrishtianmeghav
KEH DOOH TUMHEIN by Aurrishtianmeghav
hello friends...This story is a little different from my other this it's love but it's with suspense and some thriller too hope you like it
Anidita - the burning hearts  by Aurrishtianmeghav
Anidita - the burning hearts by Aurrishtianmeghav
hello everyone this is my 5 FF ....... this FF is little different from my other FF ...... I am first time try this type of story.......this story have love , romance, j...
Aurrisht~ The imperishable bond by aurrishtworld78
Aurrisht~ The imperishable bondby aurrishtworld78
This is a small imagination of one of the biggest Aurrisht fan🙈 This story begins when Aurra and pravisht again casted in Barrister babu 2 after 6 year and how their bo...
The day we met {Anidita} by sonamsinghkushwaha
The day we met {Anidita}by sonal
based on a arrange marriage............. Cover Credit:I-imagine-dragons
THe LoVe TraP (Completed) by serenity_twilight
THe LoVe TraP (Completed)by serenity_twilight
Anirudh : "No one, I repeat no one has the right to touch what's mine.. " His dark voice had the capacity to shook the earth Bondita : "I don't drea...
Anidita - The Unwrapped Mystrey by Ashu_mystrey
Anidita - The Unwrapped Mystreyby Ashu_mystrey
A love story which is filled with many unknown truths. Anirudh and bondita fall in love with each other but there something which is unknown to them. Read my story to k...
You mend my heart ❤️ (Completed ☑️ )  by mamta_verma85
You mend my heart ❤️ (Completed ☑️ mamta verma
This story starts from where everyone declared bondita as detective. The Sarpanch of one side decides the punishment for bondita by marrying Anirudh. On the other hand...
Anidita:MEDIATOR by prachiojha_27
Anidita:MEDIATORby Prachi Ojha
🥈-painful #4-babu #5-colors #16-anidita #17-aurrisht The story is from manorma track where anirudh gives two options to bondita and she chose to go to dalahouse!!!
From Fangirl To His Wife by sadiaislam333
From Fangirl To His Wifeby sadiaislam333
Hi,,, I am writing a story on Anidita.. →Bondita is a normal school going girl. She is a brilliant student. She want to became a pilot. It's her dream. She belongs to th...
AURRISHT -OS  by desiii_novelss
here my second book where I'm going to write stories about AURRISHT in one shot okayyy do you guys excited Wattpad author ✍️ mehwish checkout my first book ANIDITA-NOOR...
AniDita : Love Is Everything  by angelic_hadeesa
AniDita : Love Is Everything by Hadeesa Rizvi
Heyy Guyzz 👋 In my story MANORAMA is negative character and Anirudh marries with Manorama. And When Bondita returned from Dalhousie. Anirudh realizes that he is in love...
Anidita ff Rishta Tera mera by MalathiKumar6
Anidita ff Rishta Tera meraby Malathi anidita
Guys this is my 3rd book on anidita...... So the plot of this story is "The journey of anidita" but this story is very different from the original story of bar...
𝙈𝙔 𝙒𝙄𝙁𝙀 𝙊𝙍 𝙈𝙔 𝙒𝙄𝙁𝙀 ||𝘼𝙉𝙄𝘿𝙄𝙏𝘼|| by prachiojha_27
𝙈𝙔 𝙒𝙄𝙁𝙀 𝙊𝙍 𝙈𝙔 𝙒𝙄𝙁𝙀 | Prachi Ojha
My wife or my wife,MRS ANIRUDH ROY CHOUDHARY he said,I'm not yours...I'm not yours she shouted on his face,nobody dares to shout on me butterfly,but this mafia is ready...
LOVE TILL ETERNITY  by iam_sweety
It's a modern era story based on our favourite jodi ANIDITA.Its all about how they met and how there relationship grows.
Anidita: The love beyond sky by sreejcreations
Anidita: The love beyond skyby Sreejal
Hello guys..this is me Sreejal..And i am here to try a fanfiction on my fav duo Anidita...Hope you all will love vote and comment it encourage us.. #5 in Educatio...
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak Chalne Wala Pyar  by mprvn36
Mera Zimmedari Se Janmon Tak mprvn36
Our story starts from Anirudh marrying Manorama and left Bondita in trauma. Even her own mother gave consent to her jamayibabu . She is insulted very badly in public. w...
Anidita-- tere pyaar mein ❤️ by bhumika_chandwani
Anidita-- tere pyaar mein ❤️by bhumika_chandwani
Raaton mein khwaab tera hai..... Dino mein hai baatein teri..... Maan mein hai tu.... Or dil mein dhakan teri... Tujhe paakar duniya se hui dur ... Teri bahoon mein hona...