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The cat and a mouse [tom x jerry]  by Thaanalaila1000
The cat and a mouse [tom x jerry] by Thaanalaila1000
Tom x jerry little cute love story
Cat And Mouse... °A Poppy Playtime Fanfiction° by Burnt_Potato89
Cat And Mouse... °A Poppy Random_Guy37
You've heard of Huggy Wuggy, Poppy, and Mommy Long Legs, but Playtime Co. introduced The Smiling Critters. Playtime Co. recently opened an orphanage with the Smiling Cr...
A Murder in Mayberry by Whywatt57
A Murder in Mayberryby RKB
Part two of the Mayberry series finds Daisy and Magdalena drawn deeper into the mysterious happenings and disappearances in their famous hometown. Meanwhile, The Collect...
A Beautiful Mistake [ S.C.I.谜案集 | S.C.I. Mystery (TV) Fanfic) by Roe2xx
A Beautiful Mistake [ S.C.I.谜案集 | Kanraa
In which Zhan Yao made a terrible- no a great mistake
Me Against You (John Wick x Female Reader) by Tananzia
Me Against You (John Wick x Tananzia Daniana Aviano
Your contract was to hunt down and kill John Wick.... The only problem was.... His contract was to hunt down and kill you.
Eclipsed Desires: Enigma of The Black Body [A Dr. D Creation] by Coffee_with_D
Eclipsed Desires: Enigma of The Divyansh tripathi 🏀
In the shadows of a seemingly ordinary town lies a dark and twisted secret. "Eclipsed Desires: The Enigma of the Black Body" plunges readers into a chilling wo...
Cat & Mouse > Allison Argent by -FromAshes-
Cat & Mouse > Allison Argentby -FromAshes-
Jennah Thompson has been there since the beginning. She has fought against a psychotic alpha, a reptilian puppet with the ability to paralyse everyone (except Lydia) wit...
He's Mine, I'm His by AspynSBuchanan
He's Mine, I'm Hisby AspynSBuchanan
Safiyya moved. Then met a boy who used to be a bully, and helped him change his ways. Now they're best friends. However, Kaeydan wants more. He's been in love with her s...
I Know What You Fear | TEW by creeppie
I Know What You Fear | TEWby Rita
Minds break down easily within the realm of a phantom born of hatred and revenge. He finds their breaking point, unearths the dark secrets they hide and feeds off their...
Hunt for Danger by Marirosastory
Hunt for Dangerby Mar
The H.F.D was quite simple, put your life at risk while hunting criminals and you get rewarded. No one could tell you how to behave nor how to hunt and every day was fil...
Innocence Forsaken by temporla_
Innocence Forsakenby Avery R. Halle
2 years ago, it happened. It changed everything in her life. Now, in 2016, Eve-Anne has to use her peculiar abilities to stop others from facing the same fate as her ado...
The Crows by Soliloquy3000
The Crowsby Soliloquy3000
When Rosie received a letter telling her that her husband was dead, she thought that was the end of their relationship. She had no time for contemplating, especially sin...
Colours by AzzyAlain
Coloursby AzzyAlain
A women abused by her boyfriend and community finally stands up for herself and fights back. But it might be too late...
The Chair by jctokudai
The Chairby J.C. Tokudai
In the quiet town of Crestwood, a dental mystery is about to unravel, and aspiring dental student Lisa finds herself entangled in a dangerous web of secrets and deceit...
You're Not Sorry, But You Will Be  by courtneybrandy
You're Not Sorry, But You Will Be by Courtney Snow
Camilla and Scarlett have been best friends since elementary school, and life has not been kind to them- absent and drunkee parents, raised on the wrong side of town wit...
The Last Heist by GudrunWinkel
The Last Heistby Guddi
When a notorious thief gets out of prison, he sets out to pull off the biggest heist of his career, but not everything goes according to plan. Will he be able to outsmar...
Superstar  by Thirstiplier
Superstar by Mel
Original short story. Inside an old warehouse, I'm faced with an angry past.
♡~the cat and the mouse the unusual lovers~♡ by chaotic11Felix
♡~the cat and the mouse the ◇Felix or chelino◇
This story is about a mouse and cat that slowly fall in love, and the story gets serious and better later on~! (After chapter 9, there will be backstories and side stori...
cat and mouse ( a Tom and Jerry story) by 4m4zlngwrlt3r
cat and mouse ( a Tom and Jerry 4m4zlngwrlt3r
you are Jerrys sibling and Tom is after you both, find ways to escape, but be careful it's a cat and mouse chase
Catch Me If You Can by KyraZimmermann
Catch Me If You Canby Kyra Z
Over a hundred years into the future, the anonymous hacker Glitch terrorizes American Empire servers and leaks confidential government secrets onto public websites. Of c...