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The Alpha and The Omega (Highschool dxd X Male Reader) by GeneralRaven
The Alpha and The Omega ( GeneralRaven
Y/n L/n is a normal boy who like to play devil may cry more importantly he like the character Vergil. But one day he died in an accident resulting meeting God himself. G...
Companions (DMC 5, V Fanfiction) by Sora_Ashley
Companions (DMC 5, V Fanfiction)by Chattaboochel
The ever so mysterious stranger V. V had control over his demon pets Griffin, Shadow and Knightmare to help protect him from the dangers of the world. What he didn't cou...
Sucked Into Devil May Cry! by Bubblegumfanfictions
Sucked Into Devil May Cry!by Lumi
Proxy HeartCliff is an 18 year old girl with a normal life and normal family, what happens when a gaming company release a real life version of nerve gear? Well read and...
Book of V by Pretty-Nerd
Book of Vby Ruby
A collection of one-shots because V's hot. He is so sexy. I have brain rot. Help me - oh help me god - I cannot stop writing for him. I am his slave. Thank you.
Hesitation by Pretty-Nerd
Hesitationby Ruby
Three years after the events of the demon king, Urizen, Nero and friends must navigate the aftermath as they attempt to continue thier complicated lives. As complex and...
Caught In The Rain by SuviDrache
Caught In The Rainby Lumi
V and the reader get caught in the rain. Authors note: You may not copy, paste, translate, or republish my work. This includes turning it into an ebook. You do not have...
Searching for you by changlingtribe2
Searching for youby changlingtribe2
Nero encounters a strange woman in Redgrave City, according to her she is searching for her husband. She hasn't seen him in years or at least she thinks she hasn't. The...
Warhammer 40K: Anti-Haremist [OC] by K_Korvus_Korvac
Warhammer 40K: Anti-Haremist [OC]by Kelvin K. Korvac
Just a casual Warhammer 40k Enthusiast that doesn't know everything in 40k but knows it well enough. At least, that's what she tells herself. Kyrie Kotomine is killed by...
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Vergil X Honkai Impact 3rd) by MunKumi
Does a Honkai Cry? (Dante & Kunimitsu
Dante and Vergil unknowingly transported themselves into a brand new world. Learning their ways im their new lifes while also finding a way to get back to the world wher...
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Grimm May Cry ( RWBY x Male Nero Reader) by zappy_1711
Grimm May Cry ( RWBY x Male Nero zappy_1711
A boy bound by his hate for Huntsman and Grimm is offered an once in a lifetime opportunity to become a huntsman. Will he meet new people to call his family? Can he gain...
Naruto the dark slayer disconnected  by Kage_fireDemon
Naruto the dark slayer Kage_FireDemon
This fanfic is about naruto being the son of sparda hope you enjoy
The Storm That Is Approaching  by jetstreamham
The Storm That Is Approaching by jetstreamham
"Power.. Slay all.." (I Dont own DMC or OW)
~Devil May Cry and DmC (One Shots)~ by psychonugget97
~Devil May Cry and DmC (One Shots)~by psychonugget97
A bunch of different stories based on my favorite game and my favorite characters.~
The Ascendance: Unleashing vergils Powers but why am i a girl? by hizoMHX
The Ascendance: Unleashing Mysterious Hizo
A man name John in his teen's always wanted to be vergil he even dye his hair white to be like vergil he has hundreds of hair gel in his drawer and even his gaming chair...
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.2 (Male Reader) by DanggaM12
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.2 (Male Reader)by Manra
After Mundus reawakening event. Yn and Nero make their way toward "Demon World" itself in order to destroy the Demon Army. Their journey continue. New friend a...
Sparda's reincarnation by lazy-dude1
Sparda's reincarnationby lazy-dude1
Follow the story of (Y/N) the reincarnation of the legendary sparda! In the world of bleach Bleach x malereader I don't own anything all the characters,videos,music,me...
Save Me From This Hell (Prequel Sequel) by JACEFRAY306
Save Me From This Hell (Prequel Jace Fray
This one is a sequel to the first book but this one takes place BEFORE THE EVENTS ON THE LAST BOOK this will explain more on vergils jealousy over Dante and Nero's relat...
Unravel. (DMC Nero x male OC)[completed] by _goblin_child_
Unravel. (DMC Nero x male OC)[ The Goblin
[!cover picture by @/ on Instagram!] After Vergil and Dante have vanished into the underworld, everything overground has been awfully quiet until one day de...
Agent May Cry ✔ by Ashley_Strange
Agent May Cry ✔by DaughterOfStephenStrange
In exchange for the safety of the world, Leon was forced to be Albert Wesker's prisoner. Is Leon's wish of ever going home lost forever, or it is gonna be answered by a...
The Legendary Siren Hunter (Azurlane x Dmc5 )crossover(Fanfiction) Vol. 1 by KurumiChan934
The Legendary Siren Hunter ( Cake Soda
Sparda was a mighty Siren swordsman who is known as the Legendary Dark Knight or The Legendary Siren Swordsman. Two thousand years prior to modern times, he "woke u...