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Advice Hotline | ✔️ by ryuzxki
Advice Hotline | ✔️by zen
where a boy meets a girl who gives him advices
Hotline by skittles_are_lyfe
Hotlineby Skittle Lova
Liam accidentally calls a young, annoying, fast-talking, positive girl at work. Intrigued by this girl and slightly guilty for his rude first impression, he continues to...
Say Hello For Me by calligraphics
Say Hello For Meby christina
"Hello, we are here to advise you on all your questions, concerns, and problems related to relationships. How may I assist you today?" "I think my girlfr...
Heartbreak Hotline by Lightning_Stryker
Heartbreak Hotlineby Jay 👑
[COMPLETE] "So imma need those digits." "Isn't that a bit too fast? You don't even know my name or-" "Of your credit card, you idiot." ...
cupid hotline | enhypen by yoonohverse
cupid hotline | enhypenby kiki
"sounds so gay, no cap." [ dating hotline/texting au + lowercase intended ] - started: february 8th, 2022 ended: - © yoonohverse | 2022
Self Pleasure [Complete] by loverofrain9
Self Pleasure [Complete]by Ragina Philangi
The following One shot contains explicit 18+ content with prolific swearing. Do not read the story if you are not comfortable with such content. This is a work of ficti...
eternity hotline // txt by bokinoki
eternity hotline // txtby 𝑎𝑒𝑟
"where do broken hearts go?" "they get sorted at this hotline dude"
The Suicide Hotline | ✔︎ by ItsAllAsh
The Suicide Hotline | ✔︎by ItsAllAsh
"Is this...the...suicide hotline?" ", yes?" "...Are you asking or telling?" "...Telling?" "What would you do if I told...
McDonald's Hotline || TAEKOOK by mrgrttgzs
McDonald's Hotline || TAEKOOKby Adelaide Margaret
In which Taehyung was dared to call McDonald's and order an inappropriate meal. He reckons this was not gonna be good, but he did it anyways. Little did he know this was...
hotline | k.nj ✔ by scribble_bunnie
hotline | k.nj ✔by Gyunmi
❝hello, this is the school hotline for advice. how may i help you?❞ ❝what areas do you offer help in?❞ in which, a guy calls the school hotline, only to be met by a girl...
date a live x  Depressed male reader by XD0010Bigfan
date a live x Depressed male MeganekkoSenpai
i not good making description, just read my story,I'm just inspired to make this story If you like this story, vote this story or follow me  Credits= XD0010 Xd0010Bigfan
Mafia Stepbrothers  by kzakhta
Mafia Stepbrothers by Jeonixxkulggukksu
Y/n is only 15 years old and She is shy,innocent and soft hearted, What will happen when She meet a Heartless Mafia Brothers??? Let's all find out.
Oh baby// Noah Centineo  by TragicallyInsane-
Oh baby// Noah Centineo by M I R A N D A
"Hey sexy, this is 1-800-HoeTime, How can I help you," I purr into the phone. "Hmm... I'm sure theres a lot of things you could help me with," a hus...
The Boyfriend Hotline || NCT DREAM  by farahway_
The Boyfriend Hotline || NCT DREAM by farah (.◜◡◝ )
Hotline AU (?) "Hello this is the boyfriend hotline. A place where your dream relationship comes true. How may I help you?" When a girl turns a hotline into do...
Oops, Wrong number. by Kennedy_Williams_
Oops, Wrong Kennedy🌹
ᴹ ᴵ ᶜ ᴴ ᴬ ᴱ ᴸ ᴬ ᵂ ᴬ ˢ 17 ᵀ ᴱ ᴱ ᴺ When she heard a knock at her door 🅆 🄰 🅁 🄽 🄸 🄽 🄶 ⚠ ᵈ ᵒ ⁿ ᵒ...
Bittersweet Expectations (Hate at First Flight #0.5) by ehl_kayy_writes
Bittersweet Expectations (Hate LOSALINI
Ashleigh Bishop is determined about two things when she moves to NYC. 1. Not to get too attached to anyone. 2. Never to let another man treat her the way her...
🔞Short Novel 18+ by Zoey-Sun
🔞Short Novel 18+by Zoey
ប្រជុំដោយNovel ក្ដៅសាច់🔥
hotline 127 | nct 127 by PRINCEHAENAMI
hotline 127 | nct 127by J ღ
Lonely, introverted orphan Yoon Eunbyeol downloads a dating hotline in hopes of making new friends as she starts university. As weird events start to happen one after an...
the suicide hotline | ✔️ by artifcatious
the suicide hotline | ✔️by ღ n i c o l e ღ
when a girl seeks help, and calls to a hotline. she asks to speak to the same person, maybe he's the reason she's still alive.