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Please, Hold On My Love! by sagelike_sunshine
Please, Hold On My Love!by sagelike_sunshine
Midoriya Izuku felt broken. More so than ever before. It felt so good to get lost within him mind once again. After an attempted suicide, Izuku Midoriya is trying so har...
!!TW!! Gender Neutral Self Harm Comfort by doseofmeds
!!TW!! Gender Neutral Self Harm reese :)
Cover Art By: @rainbowpottato on Twitter :) Trigger Warning for self -harm, it talks about self-harm, razors, and blood It will get better I promise, this is just a roug...
SAD SHIT by ohhellother3
SAD SHITby ohhellother3
This book is the product of my saddest hours, worst days, and longest nights. Please don't take any of my work.
Mental disorder stuff.. by Xxanimefox1002xX
Mental disorder Xxanimefox1002xX
I feel like I should just share these..
Cat scratches  by -FangirlConstantly-
Cat scratches by You matter.
Girl is numb. Girl reads about cutting. Girl is sad. Girl is hurt. Girl try's self harm. Girl feels bad. "What could've happened" Girl thinks... Warning: cutt...
? by lifesstruggles
?by lifesstruggles
The only way is to play... only you can decide how long it takes to leave this place!
You may vent in the comments by Runawaycheesecake
You may vent in the commentsby Goose with a knife
exactly as the title says, if you need to vent please vent in here. no your not a burden. yes we care. we'll listen even if others won't.
Hold on  by ZeusHargreves12
Hold on by Kie ⛸️🕺💔👺
Hii this is just a short story, written.during one of my mental breakdowns TW - Sewerslide Ask if you want another part, and you shall receive. I hope you enjoy :)
Sometimes... by Cleria2000
#10 Ash
Sometimes we feel like there is nothing more for us. Then we just give up. But sometimes all it takes is a bit more time to get better and then you will be much happier...
Just A Little Poetry  by MrGhost43
Just A Little Poetry by Mr. Ghost
Just some personal poems I've written
The Story That Will Never Be Told  by courtneymj03
The Story That Will Never Be Told by Courtney Jenkins
This 13 year old girl is going tho hell to try and keep her self alive. Her name is Elizabeth and she is struggling to keep herself happy with everything going on in her...
Messenger of Letters by Spyrofury767
Messenger of Lettersby Spyrofury767
When someone heard the name 'Gabriel', they might think of the Archangel. Fortunately, they'd be right. Ask a member of an old secret society, though, and they'd remembe...
Anna by Gozzii
Annaby Gozzi
Another short poem that again, I'm sure some of you can relate too.
I am Stronger  by soul_searching_
I am Stronger by _|Macy|_
My submission for the #LaterHaters contest. I encourage everyone to write their own and help others in need. You have no idea how your work effects people please support...
Different Stories Same Scars by _Guguu
Different Stories Same Scarsby _ItsOkayToBeSad
Gianna's best friend died last year. Riley's parents are getting a divorce. June's brother is abusive. 3 different people with different stories but they all three of th...
No Choice  by ItWillAllBeGood
No Choice by ItWillAllBeGood
Growing up in a family that are always humble, love their life and always kind to people is the greatest thing a human being can go through. But sometimes they don't te...
No More Swimming by Zachpack11
No More Swimmingby Zach Packard
Another bad poem about depression
For the long nights by smsmsmsm4286
For the long nightsby smsmsmsm4286
i was locked out of my account @ohhellother3 in which i wrote the book "sad shit". it is an attempt to work through my unspoken trauma. i will be reposting par...
It will get better by Why_Dont_We_Fans
It will get betterby Why_Dont_We_Fans
As i stood there on the ground thinking about how hard life is for me i thought about other peoples lives and said to myself "it will get better". Belle Collin...