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MAFIA'S DOCTOR [Min Yoongi X Reader] by hazelhope07
MAFIA'S DOCTOR [Min Yoongi X Hazel
He was a cold,heartless mafia & she was a genuine sweet girl going on with her life.He saw her & simply fell in love with her at first sight.His life became a lot more b...
Bangtan's Baby! by LofiCafe_jpg
Bangtan's Baby!by BLM
Kim Namjoon, Idol and leader of Bts, is known for his intelligence, his knowledge, his...interesting experiments. (Well, interesting is a mild word to describe his scien...
Mafia by Bree_Markey
Mafiaby Jude_Markey
Bts are mafias. Each have a major role they play in their crime family. What happens when their family is threatened? A hacker has made it into their lives and want eve...
тнє gяανєуαя∂ муѕтєяу || MYG ff || by borabts613
тнє gяανєуαя∂ муѕтєяу || MYG ff ||by bora_bts
As the leaves rustled in the dead of the night, a shiver ran up her spine, her head engaged in guessing what the man, few metres away from her was upto. She caught him d...
wrong number : min yoongi ff    by shybear571
wrong number : min yoongi ff by bts trash
in which y/n lives in America,is bts trash (like me lmao) and accidently texts her bias a meme of him but doesn't know it , min yoongi. its kind of like a friendship fan...
The Lies You Told Me Back Then (Yoongi FF) by geminirumisidd
The Lies You Told Me Back Then ( Ru~Mi
Ji Dan asked Yoongi's best friend: "A lie a day, to me. That's all. I forgive you." It was quite the weird scene for Yoongi to watch. His best friend's mute si...
~ 𝓜𝓻. 𝓑𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓶𝓪𝓷 ~ by bts_lover1978
~ 𝓜𝓻. 𝓑𝓾𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓶𝓪𝓷 ~by bts_lover1978
This is a love story about Sope. Hoseok the "business man" and Yoongi the "simple man"
Closer || Min Yoongi FF Yoongi X Reader by ThreeDallarchain
Closer || Min Yoongi FF Yoongi X BTS | SVT
"The sky's so beautiful, but I can't get my eyes off you."
Bts fluff // Oneshots (in the process of being edited) by violetvelvetexe
Bts fluff // Oneshots (in the 나비
Mostly a littlespace book, but you can request whatever as long as it's fluffy as this is a fluff book. You can request angst. Don't like, don't read. 💕
delivery boy || m.yg by lmaopornesianparapio
delivery boy || m.ygby yoongles
Mr. Genius ; that was the name of Lee Jihye's secret admirer. He gives her chocolates and letters everyday, but it was delivered by the person she hated the most. -highe...
උම්බලකඩ වට්ටක්කා කැකිරි දොඩං.. බොසා.......
Seesaw || BTS Min Yoongi✔️ by Bam_squared
Seesaw || BTS Min Yoongi✔️by しょり
" Love is like a seesaw, it goes up and down."
[Yoongi] Having period cramps in front of your cold boyfriend by jkykook
[Yoongi] Having period cramps in Hope ffs
Having period cramps is normal for girls. It is really painful and that is what is happening with Y / N. She suffers with painful cramps while her boyfriend is at work...
💕 My Love at  first sight 💕 Tae FF  by Jiminah_queen
💕 My Love at first sight 💕 ♥Jiminah_queen ♥
[🌚ON GOING 🌚] { MANGLISH FF U KNOW😎} • Appo ente 1st FF an🤓❤️ • suprt venm tta🤓 • Charater intro okke ente Pazaya acc il an @Chimmymochiwife il poya kittum❤️ • Eni...
BTS memes  by Itsyourgirlmigoat
BTS memes by ~ M I G O A T ~
The title says it all~~ ⚠️I do not own these⚠️
The Perfect Set of Twins ( by geminirumisidd
The Perfect Set of Twins ( Ru~Mi
When I was in second grade, I met the perfect set of twins. They dressed alike, they depended and cared for each other, they thought alike. It was the perfect stereotype...
Unexpected Meeting - Min Yoongi ✔ by TheReal_MrsMin
Unexpected Meeting - Min Yoongi ✔by Niks💕
"Mom, how the hell is Min Yoongi and Kim Namjoon in our freaking living room?!" Choi Sooyoung is just like every other girl out there, a sane, college-going gi...
Hate? (Yoongi x reader) Discontinued... Sorry by oceanouu_
Hate? (Yoongi x reader) •oceanou•
'Love at first sight'; how beautiful. How cheesy. Though she'd never experienced that, (Y/n) (L/n) was met face-to-face with its evil counterpart, 'hate at first sight'...
Punishment (Sope NSFW) by: me and my BFF @_jngxkookie_ by Rin_Kemono_BTS_ARMY
Punishment (Sope NSFW) by: me Rin_Kemono_BTS_ARMY
BTS are celebrating Namjoon's B-day and they make party for him. Suga might be too exited and drink too much soju. He starts to flirt with Taehyung and Hobi gets jealous...