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My Fate as a Cannon Fodder by scribbliwrites
My Fate as a Cannon Fodderby fleurr
Killed on her birthday. Welcomed by a system. Bounded by a mission to fulfill. Got thrown into an unknown world. Iris hadn't thought that simply eating will cost her, he...
oblivioni traditæ by EbonySolcum
oblivioni traditæby Ebony Solcum
Tina wakes up in a hospital in 1925 after a difficult mission. Her head aches terribly and is wrapped tightly with a clean, white bandage. At first glance, everything s...
Hanging On by EbonySolcum
Hanging Onby Ebony Solcum
Newt returns to London, planning only to stay there for a month. However, his parents have a surprise waiting for him . . . and not a very pleasant one. Tina comes to hi...
Charlie Weasley Imagines by WhisperingMoonlight
Charlie Weasley Imaginesby Moon
Since we were not blessed with Charlie Weasley in the films and the lack of Charlie Weasley imagines around, I've decided to write some. I hope you like them. *Note: So...
My Life at Parker Magic Academy by HeathenIsHere
My Life at Parker Magic Academyby QuickStrikeFox
Brisk only wanted a normal school life. He never asked for anything. He had 4 part time jobs, good grades, and was never rude to anyone. So what did he do to earn the he...
<<Legend of the Soul Esper>> by SageofAge
>by SageofAge
Chris was no ordinary person. He was the strongest esper, with the power to manipulate souls, yet he was taken down by the people he trusted the most. Taking his last br...
Modern Magick by CharlotteEnglish
Modern Magickby Charlotte E. English
Can British magick be saved? Hell yes. Imagine modern Britain without magick. No fae enclaves. No flying chairs. No magick wands. Giddy gods, no unicorns. Who wants to...
Suzie's Adventures In Wonderland by merandahoney0214
Suzie's Adventures In Wonderlandby Meranda Honey
Book 1 of the Suzie Hatter Chronicles 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did Gyre and gimble in the wabe; All mimsy were the Borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe. -Le...
In Another World by gelalat
In Another Worldby gelat
A young antisocial girl has suddenly crossed worlds. A world full of magic! (My very first fantasy novel. The idea just wouldn't leave me so I decided to put it into wor...
Sparks In The Rubble by Amelade657
Sparks In The Rubbleby Amelade
Sabine has been plunged into a world of unfamiliar creatures and people after finding something rather curious at her doorstep. She finds herself on a journey to find th...
The Sinner  by hachedrabbit
The Sinner by hachedrabbit
The story of how a broken child can become the strongest king
Never The Same (Hunter X Hunter fanfic) [HIATUS] by Hex_Dragon
Never The Same (Hunter X Hunter Jinxer
In this world of magic (kinda) and monsters, there lives a species classified as magical beasts. They are called Nekoyona. They often have features like that of a cat an...
Nightingale  (Bird Song book 1) by aryamine
Nightingale (Bird Song book 1)by maryam
The Volar has tasked Dahlia with finding the four guardian animals. The moon is losing it's power and humanity is at the brink of insanity. Her friend, Demi, tags along...
COOKIE'S NEW WORLD by Happy4Myself
Hi cupcakes 👋 , I address my readers as Cupcakes 🧁 because you all are too sweet to read this story . If you are here for a story that will keep you entertained this...
Characters / Beasts / Objects / Places / Worlds I make up. by Skeleton7Peanut
Characters / Beasts / Objects / May
Anything I make up except for stories, I'll write in here (except character back stories) . I don't know if any of these will be included or not in stories I write. This...
How The Witch Changed by NikkiNHoney
How The Witch Changedby >PuffyWuffin<
Anatalia Reiss de Takaskov was the strongest Witch in the whole continent. She was known for her cruelty and was highly respected for they can't afford getting on her ba...
Maria by Spontaneous193
Mariaby Spontaneous193
People called her mother a home wrecker, a whore, someone who did not know her place and got what she deserved. After all she had a child with an already married man wh...
We Are Meant To Be by NewtSalamamder
We Are Meant To Beby NewtSalamamder
I do not own Newt Scamander or any other characters found in the harry potter or fantastic beasts story line. I own Crystal Flanigan, and the story line until New York...
Trapped In Celaeia by aryamine
Trapped In Celaeiaby maryam
Rosa gets dragged into a book whose story she knows nothing about. Is she supposed to create the story as she goes? Is this some kind of transmisgration? Or is something...