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Railway Tracks|✓  by dreamaholic7
Railway Tracks|✓ by duaAhmadKhan
"Please don't leave me." I cried and begged to him. He was crying too, his beautiful brown eyes were shattered as if. His hands held mine, trembling but he st...
The Hijabi's Romeo  by The_Clothed_Gurl
The Hijabi's Romeo by Missy
"What was that?" He came closer and closer as I step back with each step he took. "What was what!? I can hang out with whomever I want, it's none of your...
New Home [tony stark x reader] by RuRaKo
New Home [tony stark x reader]by RuRaKo
I don't think this as one kind of avengers fan fiction, This is just Tony with his new family. Ouh and believe me, Tony will come like a lightning. *********************...
Almost Eden by KatyDark06
Almost Edenby KatyDark06
Just some idea inspired by nature, few books I've read and an interesting POV, hope, you, whoever reads it, will like it ;)
Living with boys by Katy9602
Living with boysby Katy
Samantha Ames is 16 years old and lives with her father. Then one night was the last straw. Sam was sent to live with her dad's friend since high school in Colorado. The...
How To Have Sex With Your Dorm Mate  by Kurokosbouncyball
How To Have Sex With Your Dorm A Nobody
Killua, a personal prostitute for any one who pays, but can it still count as prostitution if he's never actually had sex? Well, I guess stripper would be the better ter...
Erryn's Story by SianMaguiree
Erryn's Storyby Sian Maguire
Going back and forth between different homes for over 6 years, she had finally found a home where she was loved and felt wanted. She found her forever home. Or so she th...
The Mafia Princess & Her Brothers by autumn_eyez
The Mafia Princess & Her Brothersby Sasha
[DISCONTINUED ]🔛 I personally won't recommend reading this book it's got bad grammar and spelling and some typos. I'm to lazy fix it. I have to discontinue this book be...
Family Once More by LYKiruna
Family Once Moreby KY
"Stay here in this country, it's home now." It's been three years since Rae's mom said that, since she went out and never to be seen again. Rae has lived alone...
Under Tennessee Skies by SLHaynes
Under Tennessee Skiesby S.L.Haynes
When she moves from England to the small town of Hopton Hills, Tennessee, Martha Heysham finds both her dream of Oxford University and her heart at risk from her new nei...
"She won't leave you,ever." by animelover1278
"She won't leave you,ever."by ~HANGE~MOMMY~
"A young girl named Harper and her mom left from a abusive father who had died the previous week freed from his hold the girls try to escape the past by moving to a...
Moving On by Hazel1668
Moving Onby Hazel1668
When young Samantha Grace Rose is forced to move in with her dad and older brothers, it's a long ride for Samantha with fighting her demons and her past at the same time...
Adopted By Mr. Somerhalder (BOOK 1) by Just_a_LostBoy
Adopted By Mr. Somerhalder (BOOK 1)by Nathan Hayes
Charles Evan Johnson is a fifteen-year-old trouble maker. But he acts out without meaning too. He was raised in a bad home. What happens when he comes to school one day...
~Børn Thís Wây~ |Eddsworld x childreader| by MoonLightWolfia
~Børn Thís Wây~ |Eddsworld x 💔Wolfia💔
Your parents were full blooded wolves, but somehow you became a crossbreed between a wolf and human. After your parents were mauled to death by a bear, you were left to...
Snake||percy Jackson|| by parlimant
Snake||percy Jackson||by parlimant
"Sorry I killed your mom" "Nah I mean she did sorta try to make you a statue." My mother has always taught me to hate so can you blame me when I hate...
Where Broken Hearts Come to Rest by SamanthaHeart9
Where Broken Hearts Come to Restby Samantha Heart
Rejection wasn't something new to the 17-year-old Issac Wild. It started off with abandonment when he was an infant, Isolation when he was child, and then cruel words an...
Adopted by Janet Jackson by BabeBabe_Redrick
Adopted by Janet Jacksonby BabeBabe_Redrick
This girl haves loved Janet Jackson her whole life and she haves finally met her and soon had tooken in another child
Adopted By Unspeakable  by twinfgamesfan123
Adopted By Unspeakable by Unspeakablefan123
Unspeakable has wanted a child for ages! He always wanted a girl that loved Minecraft. He also didn't care if she knew him or not. He always found being a dad was a dare...
Baby In the Mirror  by DerpFace2400
Baby In the Mirror by DerpFace
When a girl named Brittany decided to try and move out of the apartment using Home Movement Department she gets a the wrong letter and then her neighbor decides to help...
The Pet by Aqlxr102
The Petby Aqlxr102
No, this isn't about a girl who trains pets. No, this isn't your normal "I'm the teacher's pet and I'm in love" story. Far from it actually. This story takes...