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To the Another world. by MalditadiAsh
To the Another Maldita Di Ash
Summary: Transported to a another parallel word, Tsuna don't know what to do next since he have literary no clue on how he did get here. But one thing he does know, His...
Vice Versa - the other end! by KalhariMuthukumaran1
Vice Versa - the other end!by CK
We all know what happened to Peun and Talay, but no one said what happened to Pakorn and Tess. We all deserve to know how it went for them... so, here is my imagination...
Full-time Artist by Qwinesty
Full-time Artistby Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
"Music, film, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, literature...""You know everything?""Know a little.""Any point?""Well, it me...
Needle & Thread (Male! CoralinexReader)  by Bluegarnet123
Needle & Thread (Male! Blue_Garnet_Mess
*COMPLETED* Everything was rather dull in Cory's life. It always seemed to be when his best friend since birth, (Y/N), moved away for family matters when they were onl...
Open Sky Yet Not [KHR Fanfic] by LilyLia12
Open Sky Yet Not [KHR Fanfic]by Lily Lia
"Remembering is never a quiet act of introspection or retrospection. It is the painful re-membering, a putting together of the dismembered past to make sense of the...
Black Stars - The Mors Mortis Trilogy Book 1 by Skylar-Black
Black Stars - The Mors Mortis Skylar Black
*WATTPAD FEATURED FEB 2018* *2018 FICTION AWARD WINNER IN SCI FI CATEGORY* Leah Azemar's soul has been sent to the world of the dead. She just doesn't know it. ... Leah...
Two worlds apart  by LeMayora07
Two worlds apart by LeMayora
When Jiang Cheng and his family moved to a new house to start over, he was expecting to have a peaceful life with his siblings and nephew. Until he discovered some items...
  MTL.  Becoming a Global Superstar Starting as an Idol Trainee by Alex_isthebest_x
MTL. Becoming a Global alex_isthe best_x
Chen Minhao found himself transmigrated to a parallel world in China, and he even became an idol trainee. By virtue of his efforts in mastering his IQ, EQ, and his looks...
Switched || Taegyu by txtuduro
Switched || Taegyuby Hailore
While enjoying his alone time at the cliff, Taehyun stumbled resulting for him to fall into the sea and woke up learning that his soul entered the same body but in a dif...
Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《COMPLETED》 by mintgreyashes
Deja Vu - Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《 「 Lız 」
「Sequel of Cursed Sky-Katekyo Hitman Reborn」 --- They were twins. Yet why was it that one was depicted as a failure while the other as a genius? People said that Sawada...
Dark Matter - The Mors Mortis Trilogy Book 2 by Skylar-Black
Dark Matter - The Mors Mortis Skylar Black
SEQUEL TO BLACK STARS Leah Azemar has returned to the life she lost. Back with her family, she hopes to finally feel a sense of belonging; but as war rages and Leah figh...
I Brought One Billion Supplies Back to Sixties by jeffelyncosme
I Brought One Billion Supplies jeffelynC
Not my story. For communication and learning purposes only. Author: Cute ball Source: or Status:...
Transmigrated As The Ex-wife Of A Phoenix Man by jb4002
Transmigrated As The Ex-wife Of JB
THIS ISN'T MY STORY! I POSTED THIS FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES Also not my translation! Source: MTLNovel ~~~~~~~ Novel Summary Upon waking up, Su Man became a second ge...
You summon the wrong soul!really! by Idlelayn
You summon the wrong soul!really!by Idlelayn
"please!please,help my little brother!" "huh?w-w-who?" "please i am begging!i am begging you!help my little brother!he only has me!i i i cant le...
You Belong To My World (Completed!) by ionlyseedaylight
You Belong To My World (Completed!)by ionlyseedaylight
Arthit is in 2017. Kongpob is in 2020. They live in the same apartment, but in two totally different worlds. Can they find their way back to each other? ✓parallel uni...
Almighty Star Daddy    by kisses_Koh
Almighty Star Daddy by LuckyKoi
*N0TM!N£* For Offline Purpose Only Credit to the Author&Translator(s) ********** Upon waking up, Han Mo became another person, not only that, but also...
Black Holes - The Mors Mortis Trilogy Book 3 by Skylar-Black
Black Holes - The Mors Mortis Skylar Black
Leah Azemar has died. Properly this time. And she might have taken the rest of the world with her. As the world of the dead begins to collapse, and drags the live world...
[BL] The Devil's Patronizing Lies by BlackFlutter
[BL] The Devil's Patronizing Liesby ɪᴛꜱᴜᴋɪ
Once you summon the devil in its nest, you must pay for your debt. Like any other people would say, "Be careful what you wish for". A human and a devil, an int...
Dead Son of Primo? by TokiLoki-Chan
Dead Son of Primo?by TokiLoki-Chan
After becoming Vongola Decimo, Tsuna thought live couldn't get more crazier when Byakuran suddenly crashed his into Tsuna's office and screamed. "Tsu-Chan! I'm se...
Naruto: Next Chance by Takamiya_Shido
Naruto: Next Chanceby Sagar Kumar
I am intrested in creating a fiction regarding Naruto and Hinata reincarnation in parallel world. But Hinata doesn't remember about her past life while Naruto merged wit...