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Atlas' Transmigrant (OC x Harem) by ChrisOCastro
Atlas' Transmigrant (OC x Harem)by ChrisOCastro
Being reborn into a world, where people harness the power of their souls to fight monstrous creatures was surprising. But, learning that you're only a pawn in a several...
The Schnee Brothers (a Destiny x RWBY story) by DredgenCoin
The Schnee Brothers (a Destiny x Dredgen Coin
Y/N and Whitley Schnee were the younger sons of the Schnee family. Beaten and Abused for not having the family semblance, Y/N took his younger brother and fled to the st...
The Emotionless Heart Ruby Rose x Male Reader by TheRecklessAuthor
The Emotionless Heart Ruby Rose TheRecklessOne
(Y/n) was once a happy kid but that all changed when his family started insulting him and abusing him verbally over the years after being told he was worthless and a was...
Frozen Rose (Male Reader x RWBY Ruby Rose) by 8_Bit_Bastard
Frozen Rose (Male Reader x RWBY 8Bit Bastard
(This is a Schnee Male Reader x Ruby Rose) Y/N Schnee a kind hearted boy growing up in the icy Atlas, The powers of the world are going to be out to get him, Will a cert...
RWBY: Frozen Tomb (RWBY CheaterxM!Reader) by BoSoknJOC
RWBY: Frozen Tomb (RWBY BoSoknJOC
PART 2. (Complete for now.) The thrown away child of the Schnee family, Walker Schnee. No where near like Whitley in terms of being a good heir, Walker is thrown to the...
I Alone Am The Honored One (RWBY X GOJO) by Drunken_Crow
I Alone Am The Honored One (RWBY Unknown_Narrator
What Would Happen If The Strongest Man Alive Were To Be Born In Another World. A World With No Curse Spirits But Creature Of Grimm. What Allies Will Satoru Make And Who...
Jaune Rico - Starship Troopers by Jaunedice_Returns
Jaune Rico - Starship Troopersby Jaunedice
Being born into an unusual pairing among the Atlas Elite, James Ironwood and Robyn Ironwood - Formerly Hill. Jaune was born into the Atlas Elite but he preferred to be...
Story of a Whiterose by DotakuWrites
Story of a Whiteroseby Thanks for Reading!
Weiss Schnee moves to a new town and starts attending a new school to both start fresh away from the burden of her family name and to get away from her oppressive home l...
Always By Your Side (Winter x Butler!Reader) by GiexesAdris
Always By Your Side (Winter x Christopher Umbra
A few years back, before Winter entered the Atlas Military School... She had a close friend and butler named (y/n)
Thats Karma... ( An OP Male Reader X Rwby Story) by BigBoyGhost_04
Thats Karma... ( An OP Male ThatOneGuy
Hi, I dunno what to put I do not own RWBY or Assassination Classroom or Naruto
Master and Servant (RWBY Weiss Schnee x Male reader) by Deagle117
Master and Servant (RWBY Weiss The Genie
Weiss was never a good summoner, but she accidentally invokes the aid of a guardian. He comes to protect her only to ask one question . . . (A/N) - RWBY and its characte...
Semblance of Brutality by kaernkofdespair
Semblance of Brutalityby kaernkofdespair
After he'd slain the Spider Mastermind, Doomguy was betrayed by Dr. Samuel Hayden. The Crucible was taken from him, and the doctor had believed he'd sent Doomguy back to...
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RWBY girls x fem!faunus!reader(EDITED) by mizumi06
RWBY girls x fem!faunus!reader( fujidishit
As the title is it's related to you the reader being the one and only greatest person in here (y/n) a wolf faunus who had some terrible and I mean it terrible past when...
RWBY react to Youtube by SomeWhitliquid
RWBY react to Youtubeby THE0TEH0
Kidnapping the cast of RWBY to react to YouTube but with Y/n apart of it This my first time making a react fic so some of them will be OOC and bad grammer
Freezing Flame (Weiss Schnee x Male Reader) by The789Guy
Freezing Flame (Weiss Schnee x SomeRandomDude
After the War for Remnant ended, the world still had a way to go. With the Grimm still a threat, and desperate power-hungry people trying to take control, Huntsmen and H...
Jaune Arc The Hero Of Justice by theone799
Jaune Arc The Hero Of Justiceby AniAuthor
When jaunes dad refuse to train. jaune tries to unlock his aura through meditation unknown to him he accidentally activates his magic circuits getting the memories of a...
A Spider Schnee by Oramudadora
A Spider Schneeby Oramudadora
Spider-Man, he was a menace that Atlas has do deal with. No one knew where he came from. No one had any idea who he could be. No one could. After all, who would've suspe...
Silent Weiss (completed) by NewDeath01
Silent Weiss (completed)by Death
Weiss x male reader Weiss dates a mute male reader and shit happens
Broken Snow by DoomEternal
Broken Snowby DoomEternal
It should be obvious but I do not own RWBY or any of the characters and locations used besides the stand in for the reader which will be represented by (Y/N). So this is...