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The Strongest Super Devil by HattoriHeiji121
The Strongest Super Devilby Black
This is story about myself as a Satan-Class.
High School dxd | Infinite Blade Dragon God | fanfic by JeyaRTi
High School dxd | Infinite Blade J@K€r.JeyaRTi.Genn
Luke Smith is a 27 years police his rank is lieutenant, he achieved many medals about saving a child inside the burning truck, tracking some drug users, arresting some t...
DxD: Switch teams  by Cole194
DxD: Switch teams by Cole194
Issei switches sides from devils. Joins a "terrorist group". Will Issei grow stronger alongside his fated rival or will he once again die in the line of battle...
The Forsaken (DxD x Male Reader) by Carson033
The Forsaken (DxD x Male Reader)by Carson
The bastard child is called to free his sister from a marriage with the Phenix Clan.
The Holy Knight of DxD by Garga11
The Holy Knight of DxDby Zapp
The child of Emiya Shirou and his servant Saber AKA Artoria Pendragon is sent to another dimension following a certain incident. This world is inhabited by supernatural...
Jaune A. Dxd by Edaj1908
Jaune A. Dxdby Edaj1908
after jaune save cardin from the ursa cardin expose his transcript. everybody hated him he was being bullied by his own friends and team the staff of beacon didn't even...
Frost prince (DXD x male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
Frost prince (DXD x male reader)by Darrick Derleth
I don't own any characters from highschool DXD.
HighSchool DxD: The Healing of a Maid's Broken Heart by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: The Healing of a Red
The full description of this will be in the bio, but here is some of the summary. Sirzechs does the unforgivable to Grayfia and is caught cheating on her. Heartbroken, G...
The Devourer (A Highschool DxD Fanfic) by Ast0ne
The Devourer (A Highschool DxD Ast0ne
With the impossible size of the universe, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there is life beyond just humans out there. Countless things have lived and died y...
The Golden King (Highschool DxD) by ChromeStriker
The Golden King (Highschool DxD)by ChromeJ5K
Everyone isn't born equal, but someon's fate will decide who they are instead of their pity lineage. Watch as how Issei Hyoudou a normal kid, be blessed with the power o...
Attack On Highschool DxD by BanJoestar
Attack On Highschool DxDby BanJoestar
Eren Hyoudou, is Issei's older brother and he finally returns home from the "military" to pay a visit to his family. But their is something inside of him that...
The worst choice in my life (High School DxD x Male Reader) by NewUsernameNotUsed
The worst choice in my life ( NewUsernameNotUsed
In life you have to make choices, but sometimes those choices have terribile consequences. Y/N to save his little brother has paid the pirce, his soul. Forced to live wi...
The Fallen Crimson Haired Of Ruin by Takahashi999
The Fallen Crimson Haired Of Ruinby Takahashi999
Rias gremory the crimson princess of ruin lived a harsh life of Maltreatment from her family especially her half sister years later due to some issues her secret on how...
Dustinsage Presents: The Devil Of The End by Dustinsage
Dustinsage Presents: The Devil Dustinsage
My name is zero, a low class devil thrusted in the middle of a war between the anti faction and the old Satan faction
Y/n And The Supernatural Misunderstanding by Williamjwb87
Y/n And The Supernatural John John
(Y/n) (L/n) Is Your Average Everyday Guy,He goes to School,Has Some Friends And Even A Normal Family,He's just Average Except That Does Role-Play Once In Awhile And Has...
the crow in high school dxd by Edaj1908
the crow in high school dxdby Edaj1908
y/n l/n is a long friend of rias gremory and a boyfriend of sona sitri. until one day y/n l/n was abducted by 3 groups. brutaly beat him. until he die. unknown to the t...
The Strongest (Jiren in DxD) by THUNDERsnek
The Strongest (Jiren in DxD)by Zenith Sosuke
After serving the pride troopers for so long Jiren has....died. After a deadly fight with the Primal Terror to the Gods themselves, Moro he lost and Moro killed him. How...
All For Me: Highschool DxD by ChromeStriker
All For Me: Highschool DxDby ChromeJ5K
All For One waked up, and looking around he saw a very common room unlike the sight of Izuku Midoriya looking down on him. "I was sent... into this body, reincarnat...
The Desolation of Ghidorah in DxD by pausevlim
The Desolation of Ghidorah in DxDby PaUsE
A man wakes up in the body of King Ghidorah in the world of DxD. With Cannon thousands of years away, there is no need to hold back.