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Grim Reaper's Handmaiden [Grim Books:1] by Kuppuruchi
Grim Reaper's Handmaiden [Grim Kuppuru
As a human, I've always wondered what's life after death. It's always there at the back of my mind. Will I ascend to heaven or will I get burnt in hell? I'm so immersed...
Hallow King by DoctorRockhard
Hallow Kingby Doctor Rockhard
#1 in trickortreat 12/26/2021 "Leiah always dreamed her prince charming would arrive one day- handsomely dressed and riding a white stallion that would take them bo...
Young Blood [SUPERNATURAL] by strangeroffiction
Young Blood [SUPERNATURAL]by alex k
While raiding a vampire nest, brothers Sam and Dean Winchester come across an unanticipated complication: a human girl. [Dean x OC] [Occurs in Season One with variation...
Unknown Depths. by Idecidemyownfate
Unknown Annemarie
The story follows a college student, named Delia, who works at an aquarium. When the story starts a new exhibit at the aquarium is about to open. Here the visitors can l...
Hunter's Moon by Mk1120
Hunter's Moonby ~MK
ARES STORY For Ares whole life he was seen as the weak and sickly one. The one no one could believe would ever be related to the Wolf Queen herself. The Defective Pri...
The Guy from the Insane Asylum by TheGoddessOfTheStars
The Guy from the Insane Asylumby ℓιν
A supernatural romance with twisted pasts, magic, psychics, and murder. And yeah, high school drama. "Pretty much a Mr. Badboy & Girl story but with literal magic...
Confessions of an Invisible Girl (Invisible Girl Trilogy Book 1) by DaniDraven
Confessions of an Invisible Girl ( Daniella Draven
Cursed to invisibility, sixteen-year-old Lola lives her life by watching others, but when she gets a chance at love, she must face her biggest fears to finally be seen. ...
Cursed Ones by DoctorRockhard
Cursed Onesby Doctor Rockhard
**This is the second part to 'In Your Arms'. Please read it first.** Nova and Vulcan. Twins brought into the world when a human and monster fell in love. One of them ble...
I Promise (A Dean Winchester Love Story) by franco0369
I Promise (A Dean Winchester Ali✨
What happens when Abby Grey meets Dean Winchester as Seniors in High School? After having Dean around for a while, Dean leaves Abby suddenly. So what happens when they r...
Deathless by DaniDraven
Deathlessby Daniella Draven
A grieving girl, a lonely Reaper, a love that could break the world... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jackson Mort has it all, good looks, wealth and immortality all th...
Death Before Dawn by moongreyskies
Death Before Dawnby MoonGreySkies.
How will the Stackhouses deal with Vampires coming out of the coffin? What other creatures lurk in plain sight? What exactly....are they? AU take on the stories/televis...
Souleste  by MissLulu004
Souleste by MissLulu004
When Mabel wakes up feeling thirsty on her 18th birthday, she does not suspect that the thirst she's feeling isn't hers but rather her significant other's whom she is ye...
Flint Strike by AMLKoski
Flint Strikeby Anna Koski
The lone wolf doesn't survive. ~~ The moment Flint Maddock was banished from his clan, he knew it was do or die. A countdown to his death had started and nothing could s...
Secrets of an Invisible Girl (Invisible Girl Trilogy Book 2) by DaniDraven
Secrets of an Invisible Girl ( Daniella Draven
Sequel to Confessions of an Invisible Girl - Invisible Girl Trilogy Book 1 No longer the invisible girl, life for Lola should be perfect, but old and new enemies, change...
The Watcher by Est2010
The Watcherby Issy Metcalf
He'll have to break all the rules to keep her, but first she has to break just one and let him in... It's taken four years, but Anna Fray has finally put the past behind...
The Monsters in My Heart by MeganDarragh99
The Monsters in My Heartby MeganDarragh99
The supernatural are real. Fiona is a high school student at an ordinary school, that is, until her parents make her go to a school full of supernatural monsters. Being...
Eclipse - JJK by Aesthetic_JK
Eclipse - JJKby 𝐂𝐫𝐲𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐥 𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
"Jungkook did not care about anything. As long as he had her beside him . . ." The story of a werewolf and a mere human, fighting the moon, fighting to survi...
Highschool Destiel Love Story AU by that_spn_life
Highschool Destiel Love Story AUby .
Castiel is new to the school and wants to know who Dean Winchester is and when Castiel gets a new car he will find out because Dean is the mechanic who fixes it. :) Hope...
Loud (Rewrite of Madenning) Jessica Stanley X Edward Cullen by YouGuysAreLosers
Loud (Rewrite of Madenning) Swan Songs
Jessica is not well remembered. To many she's the insecure, Jealous town gossip who peaked after high school. Now a few years later, Jessica has returned to Forkes broke...
RED ARDOUR | JJK by Roxequ
RED ARDOUR | JJKby Roxequette ♕
When emotionally drained Jungkook encounters a mysterious woman in a bar, he doesn't know what a transformation she would take him through. With her irregular fits of p...