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Poppy (SH CalTex) by educateddummy
Poppy (SH CalTex)by educateddummy
Texas knew something was wrong Something about his smile... his hazel eyes... his golden-brown hair... it made his heartbeat go insane... Texas begged himself not to be...
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gained A Boyfriend) by Sevenc94
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gain...by Sevenc94
Fic about California and Texas from Ben Brainard's welcome to the Statehouse series. Just a little ship fic. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Inferno (statehumans) by educateddummy
Inferno (statehumans)by educateddummy
(Sequel to 'Spitfire') (Cover by WhyDoesThisExists) Warnings: -statehumans -countryhumans -homophobia -abuse -grooming -manipulation -sexual themes -mentions of sexual...
Spitfire (statehumans) by educateddummy
Spitfire (statehumans)by educateddummy
(Cover by hellllllnah) (TexasxCalifornia fanfic) California had a bad reputation as a dramatic bitch. Some said he was petty, hot-headed and a drama king. So when a nigh...
The United Miracles of America (And Texas) by hellllllnah
The United Miracles of America (An...by Parker/Maximiliano
Every state is granted a special power upon joining the American nation. This power is a part of them, a fragment of their very soul, and they have to vow to use it only...
Friendship (Welcome to the table fic) [DISCONTINUED] by Cantal0p3z
Friendship (Welcome to the table f...by Elias
Gov forces the two largest states to make friends, originally posted on my Tumblr 3li4z or -Elias!-
Bear trap (statehumans CalTex) by hellllllnah
Bear trap (statehumans CalTex)by Parker/Maximiliano
(This book has nothing to do with furries, otherkins, or irl therianthropes. Both by their own definitions and my own, we have nothing to do with each other. Keep being...
♥︎TEXAS♥︎ and The Miracles of America  by hellllllnah
♥︎TEXAS♥︎ and The Miracles of Amer...by Parker/Maximiliano
(Spin-off to 'The United Miracles of America (and Texas)') (Cover by @Gummi_lin ) The states got magic so let's have some fun!! Warnings: - angst maybe - ships - stateh...
Fitting His Views (texacali) by 4Technical2Error0
Fitting His Views (texacali)by human
undeniably the state house has.. conflicts. in this story we have a large focus on California and Texas. yes this has many based current events, I will put TWs on p...
Birds Of A Feather by hellllllnah
Birds Of A Featherby Parker/Maximiliano
(Sequel to Bear Trap) After Texas was re-crowned as prince, Mexico gave him the mission to go to a nearby amphibious therian nation to find a healing crystal to save Spa...
Country Whatevers by Babbyxdddd
Country Whateversby Brainless
This is literally just me spitting out random stuff to do with anthropomorphic projections of the world. Maybe part twos and threes to storylines, I'm not really sure. S...