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WTTSH/WTTT book IG (wait why is it all california-) by nah_fam_I_am_good
WTTSH/WTTT book IG (wait why is mywilltoliveleftmelikemydad
*monotone screaming* I like California, but I'm depressed so yeah so vodka anybody just kidding I can't drink yet :/ uhhhhhhhhhhhh bully me in the comments No characters...
Obsessive? by TheCommunistRat
Obsessive?by señior
Based on ben_brainards series 'Welcome to the Statehouse'😼 I'm probably only gonna do one chapter
One-Shots of the states. by BullseyeAtlas
One-Shots of the MarvelAce
This series of one shots is inspired by Ben Brainards series: Welcome to the Table. If you haven't watched those, you can find them on YouTube! There will be AUs and I...
Ben Brainard State Headcanons, One-shots, and more by GeorgiasWifey
Ben Brainard State Headcanons, Georgia my Hubby
I do ships, I have another book that is just x reader. For you Ben Brainard Fans. Enjoy! Feel free to request
Georgia x New York  by BenBrainardShips
Georgia x New York by BenBrainardShips
It was jus cuddles huh? Nah they in luv, sha! ~Louisiana was here ❤️ I liek bees. ~Utah was here ✝️
Statehouse stuff by Sunheart_101
Statehouse stuffby Beta cells simp
I write incorrect quotes, oneshots, and occasionally headcanons. Also fair warning, I love Ohio
Fitting His Views (texacali) by 4Technical2Error0
Fitting His Views (texacali)by human
undeniably the state house has.. conflicts. in this story we have a large focus on California and Texas. yes this has many based current events, I will put TWs on p...
The Table Headcannons & Incorrect Quotes  by Lisha_Lemons
The Table Headcannons & Lisha Lemonz
Headcannons of Ben Brainard's "The Table" Series
Friendship (Welcome to the table fic) [DISCONTINUED] by Cantal0p3z
Friendship (Welcome to the table Elias
Gov forces the two largest states to make friends, originally posted on my Tumblr 3li4z or -Elias!-
DC Headcanons 2: Electric Boogaloo by guessimdemons92
DC Headcanons 2: Electric Boogalooby guessimdemons
Because Wattpad makes chapter limits I GUESS *Ben for the love of god please don't read this trash*
Statehouse Thoughts & Headcannons by AnanaPanini
Statehouse Thoughts & Headcannonsby Tired Pinapple
Headcannons, things I've noticed in canon, and random ideas
New York x Georgia  by Emilygomse
New York x Georgia by Emlovesstates
This is heavily inspired by things that happened on Tumblr in February Also it has no real plot Hi, this book is becoming a one shot book because I don't want to finish...
NSFW Statehouse Works by DaneetheRockstar
NSFW Statehouse Worksby DaneetheRockstar
A soon to be collection of my nsfw stories of Welcome to the Statehouse/the Table stories.
A Different Kind Of Love Story by AJJH2006
A Different Kind Of Love Storyby JJ
The story of how six people got together to create the main six of the statehouse, the power poly of the US government. Based off of Ben Brainard's statehouse and Table...