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Statehouse (Mostly Califlorida) by snowolfelem
Statehouse (Mostly Califlorida)by Snow
I have no clue but I wrote it. Taking requests and suggestions A fan fiction based off Ben Brainard's content. Some of it is ships but some of it isn't. I tried to make...
Statehouse stuff again by ImWeridOk
Statehouse stuff againby Hmmmmm-
Hai. im doing it again- I'd like to say this isn't to offend anyone. this is for me to be dumb as hell. :)
WTTT Stuff by Cyansong
WTTT Stuffby Cyso
Welcome to the Table Stuffs. Most of it is Head-cannons, with a small storyline going on within. If someone would like me to say what chapters have that storyline in the...
▪︎The State House of Chaos▪︎ by Ally_Se_Meh
▪︎The State House of Chaos▪︎by Ally Se Meh
Hello! Everything that you will need to know will be in the first few chapters
{Statehouse Headcanons} by The_Avacodo
{Statehouse Headcanons}by magic
Just some random headcanons, incorrect quotes, one shots, etc
Canadian Provinces Visit the Statehouse by Alexthebug
Canadian Provinces Visit the Alexthebug
Shunanagins insue when the Canadian provinces visit the statehouse in a cultural exchange with the not so United States. (Stories, haedcanons and incorect quotes) Based...
Statehouse Incorrect Quotes and Oneshots by lostentity30326
Statehouse Incorrect Quotes and lostentity30326
Based off of Ben Brainard's Statehouse/Welcome to the Table series. Requests are open.
I'm Sure He Loved You by Sevenc94
I'm Sure He Loved Youby Sevenc94
Now I hate this trope with a burning passion but God damn it's a good idea. California finally runs away from the statehouse, thinking it'd be better that way. He gets i...
Statehouse stuff again :) by ImWeridOk
Statehouse stuff again :)by Hmmmmm-
Lil' Note here I don't wish to offend anyone. And if you want to check out me other books. I ain't ya mom tho so you don't have to-
Statehouse stuff by Sunheart_101
Statehouse stuffby Simpleskimbkesimp
I write incorrect quotes, oneshots, and occasionally headcanons. Also fair warning, I love Ohio
Statehouse Oneshots by Sevenc94
Statehouse Oneshotsby Sevenc94
Just a bunch on oneshots because why not I am taking requests Based on Ben Brainard's Welcome to the Statehouse series Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
Ben Brainard State Headcanons, One-shots, and more by GeorgiasWifey
Ben Brainard State Headcanons, Georgia my Hubby
I do ships, I have another book that is just x reader. For you Ben Brainard Fans. Enjoy! Feel free to request
State house head cannons and one shot  by Emilygomse
State house head cannons and one Emlovesstates
This is a Headcannon in one shot book And incorrect quotes
State house SIMS4 and head cannons and one shot by Emilygomse
State house SIMS4 and head Emlovesstates
Based on welcome to the state house In the Sims four
Statehouse Headcanons by sssleepyjellyyy
Statehouse Headcanonsby a jelly named jude
Just state headcanons luv (Based on Ben Brainard's characters)
The Table Headcannons & Incorrect Quotes  by Lisha_Lemons
The Table Headcannons & Lisha Lemonz
Headcannons of Ben Brainard's "The Table" Series
+11 more
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Gained A Boyfriend) by Sevenc94
How Texas Lost His Shirt (And Sevenc94
Fic about California and Texas from Ben Brainard's welcome to the Statehouse series. Just a little ship fic. Disclaimer: I do not own these characters
definitely not a statehouse book by fugginwackbruh
definitely not a statehouse bookby Piff
what the fawk 🤠 i take requests n shit
some short statehouse fics  by sssleepyjellyyy
some short statehouse fics by a jelly named jude
just a bunch of small stories I write for the statehouse characters pretty self explanatory I think Source material by Ben Brainard on yt, tiktok, or insta :P
I'm not supposed to love you by Alexthebug
I'm not supposed to love youby Alexthebug
Even though he was scared to admit it, Texas was scared of his soulmate mark. He was scared of who's would match. He was scared it would be someone he is not supposed to...