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State house head cannons and one shot  by Emilygomse
State house head cannons and one Emlovesstates
This is a Headcannon in one shot book And incorrect quotes
The States X Reader One Shots & Imagines [REQUESTS CLOSED]   by Lisha_Lemons
The States X Reader One Shots & Lisha Lemonz
the states/the table x Reader. Smut, Angst, fluff allowed Ben please don't read these!! 😆
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Oneshots and Headcanons by CreativityPhoenix
Welcome to the Statehouse/Table Creativity Unrestrained
A place for me to put my shorter oneshots that I can't justify as standalone pieces and my headcanons for the different states. Goes into the shenanigans of the Statehou...
the table one shots  by yoonmin-is-life04
the table one shots by Givemesleep
This mainly started because I wanted more texacali so I have one story line so if you have any comment below and I'll do them. I'll also do any ship.
New York x Georgia  by Emilygomse
New York x Georgia by Emlovesstates
This is heavily inspired by things that happened on Tumblr in February Also it has no real plot Hi, this book is becoming a one shot book because I don't want to finish...
NSFW Statehouse Works by DaneetheRockstar
NSFW Statehouse Worksby DaneetheRockstar
A soon to be collection of my nsfw stories of Welcome to the Statehouse/the Table stories.
A Different Kind Of Love Story by AJJH2006
A Different Kind Of Love Storyby JJ
The story of how six people got together to create the main six of the statehouse, the power poly of the US government. Based off of Ben Brainard's statehouse and Table...
Welcome to the table X reader by Emilygomse
Welcome to the table X readerby Emlovesstates
Hey, this is my first ever X reader book so bear with me here
WTTT/WTTSH Short Stories by blakesartpools
WTTT/WTTSH Short Storiesby Blake
I love some of the stories from this fandom and would love to make a contribution. So here I am throwing my hat into the ring! I will be writing hc and rules as the fir...
Planes and Chaos - 1 by OneTiredKentuckian2
Planes and Chaos - 1by Chaos Demon
Northern Kentucky, a region in Kentucky, exists. He likes high school sports, ice cream, his boyfriend Ohio, planes, and learnt quantum physics because, to quote him, &q...
Statehouse/welcome to the table because I like running away from my problems  by Bananagrams0
Statehouse/welcome to the table Bananagrams0
To avoid writing my other stories and working on school work I'm doing this it cure my depression. I'm sorry In advance This is just gonna be full of one shots, vents, h...
everyone knows before New Mexico and Arizona by analogical-trash
everyone knows before New Mexico edmund
Ari falls for New Mexico. NM doesn't know what's going on. everyone else sees it.
Statehouse stuff 2, electric boogaloo by Sunheart_101
Statehouse stuff 2, electric Beta cells simp
"You do you spaghetti man" are the words I live by in this book
My name is NEW mexico by analogical-trash
My name is NEW mexicoby edmund
Tennessee called New Mexico, Mexico and said he wasn't part of the states. Lucky for New Mexico his friends are there to make him feel better. purely fluff.
A Penny For Your Thoughts? | Georgia x Pennsylvania [Angst & Fluff] by TheChromaSystem
A Penny For Your Thoughts? | The Chroma System
Book 1 in "Statehouse Stories" ----- A caffeine addicted narcoleptic and a rowdy ex-capital with a drinking problem. A peachy pair, if you will. One couldn't...
The table oneshots by Imasecrethehehe
The table oneshotsby Imasecrethehehe
Hi these are aus about Ben Brainards the table series and the statehouse series
the Statehouse but they're all ghosts because I have depression by blossomarts2
the Statehouse but they're all blossomarts2
yup, pretty much like the title suggests, pretty much just a book full of these ideas I got for a ghost AU for this series also TW//Sensitive topics like Suicide, Murder...
The statehouse, from bens pov by katieb4942
The statehouse, from bens povby Fandy
The title. Except ben followed gov to the state house once and got raised by the states
Memories In Chrome by TheChromaSystem
Memories In Chromeby The Chroma System
A collective of exomemories being written out