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Statehouse stuff by Sunheart_101
Statehouse stuffby Beta cells simp
I write incorrect quotes, oneshots, and occasionally headcanons. Also fair warning, I love Ohio
WTTSH/WTTT book IG (wait why is it all california-) by nah_fam_I_am_good
WTTSH/WTTT book IG (wait why is it...by mywilltoliveleftmelikemydad
*monotone screaming* I like California, but I'm depressed so yeah so vodka anybody just kidding I can't drink yet :/ uhhhhhhhhhhhh bully me in the comments No characters...
Fitting His Views (texacali) by 4Technical2Error0
Fitting His Views (texacali)by human
undeniably the state house has.. conflicts. in this story we have a large focus on California and Texas. yes this has many based current events, I will put TWs on p...
Statehouse Rules by bayboo20
Statehouse Rulesby bayboo20
A collection of one-shots. With 50+ people living in one house, there are bound to be some rules. Here are a few of those rules, and how they came to be.
Wttt polyshots! by 4Technical2Error0
Wttt polyshots!by human
characters belong to ben brainard. this will be lots of welcome to the table polyamourous oneshots 8-20-22: #2 in welcometothestatehouse
New York x Georgia  by Emilygomse
New York x Georgia by Emlovesstates
This is heavily inspired by things that happened on Tumblr in February Also it has no real plot Hi, this book is becoming a one shot book because I don't want to finish...
Georgia x New York  by BenBrainardShips
Georgia x New York by BenBrainardShips
It was jus cuddles huh? Nah they in luv, sha! ~Louisiana was here ❤️ I liek bees. ~Utah was here ✝️
Headcanons by plaguedmoth
Headcanonsby plaguedmoth
General State Headcanons (My takes)
Welcome to the Table: head canons  by Sonydino07
Welcome to the Table: head canons by SonyDino
Welcome to the Table is a skit comedy series by Ben Brainard, and these are just fun ting I wanted to write and add to the kind of small Fandom here on Wattpad. Note I o...
NSFW Statehouse Works by DaneetheRockstar
NSFW Statehouse Worksby DaneetheRockstar
A soon to be collection of my nsfw stories of Welcome to the Statehouse/the Table stories.
Statehouse Thoughts & Headcannons by AnanaPanini
Statehouse Thoughts & Headcannonsby Tired Pinapple
Headcannons, things I've noticed in canon, and random ideas
State House Art by Sonydino07
State House Artby SonyDino
The art I'm to scared to share on the discord cause my Fanart is to never see the light of the fandom. Note none of the characters drawn in this book are mine unless sta...
Statehouse Hcs/One Shots by Rawrless_Seth
Statehouse Hcs/One Shotsby Rawrless_Seth
Characters aren't ours they belong to Ben Brainard
Random Fucking Oneshots by letmesleepforeverpls
Random Fucking Oneshotsby thatoneuglyassbitch
Random Oneshots I decided I wanted to write. Uh, like it or don't. Chapters will have the fandom I'm using for them. lol, just- read, I guess?? idfk enjoy my pain and su...
State Files by stronghoIds
State Filesby zane
Hi! You can call me Pearl, and welcome to my Statehouse headcanon book! here I'll be posting headcanons, incorrect quotes and the occasional oneshot! all of this will be...
Statehouse Drabbles and Headcanons by mmkbtk
Statehouse Drabbles and Headcanonsby mmkbtk
A lil somewhere to put some of the WTTT thoughts I've been having. Theoretically I'll write actual fics at some point too, buuuut... Until then, we have this
StateChat by AnanaPanini
StateChatby Tired Pinapple
So I was re-watching all the WTTT episodes and- they have a group chat. Multiple group chats. This is what happens to those group chats.