Whitedragonemperor Stories

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DxD The innocent gamer by JamesHall137
DxD The innocent gamerby James Hall
ok so you know the drill a kid dies but a god takes pity on our cinnamon roll and puts him in to another world but with more abilities. This is a remake of my be DxD x s...
The Fallen Angel DxD by MrFooL3
The Fallen Angel DxDby Mr FooL
Aizel,Is a fallen angel but not any fallen angel but the son of governer General,Azazel,This is not the only thing special about him,He possess a sacred gear,And A stron...
Highschool DxD: The Heavenly Dragons by The_World_Ender
Highschool DxD: The Heavenly Drago...by The_World_Ender
Two brothers, Y/n and Issei Hyoudou. Issei Hyoudou died when he encountered a fallen angel. Issei got reincarnated as a devil but Y/n volunteered to join in order to pro...
The White Dragon Lucifer (Vali Male Reader X DxD) by Monster-Zer0
The White Dragon Lucifer (Vali Mal...by Monster-Zer0
What if Vali Lucifer was found by the Hyoudou family when he escaped his Grandfather's torment? What if he changed his name to Y/n Hyoudou? Follow how he took the Supern...
To Love Ru X High School DxD by CramLegacy
To Love Ru X High School DxDby CramLegacy
After defeating Vali, the White Dragon Emperor, Hyoudou Issei is sucked into the dimensional gap never to be seen again. Days later he crashes down on Earth, but it's no...
Rias Dragon. by meliodasshinigumi
Rias Dragon.by Meliodas&Bon
Female white dragon emperor oc x Futa Highschool DxD harem.
The Lucifer 'Siblings' by Serenity_Fujakante
The Lucifer 'Siblings'by Serenity_Fujakante
What if Vali had a sister? Serenity Lucifer is the half sister of Vali Lucifer. She is his wife to keep the Lucifer bloodline pure or that's what Vali's father said. Fol...
High School DxD Dragon Emperor by AkashDebnath599
High School DxD Dragon Emperorby Akash Debnath
This is stroy of sura a kind and Gentle teenages story
The Bond between a Giant and Devils (Ultraman Nexus x Highschool DxD) by Gatackon
The Bond between a Giant and Devil...by Izz_TK
Kai Himeya, A normal high schooler walking down the road when suddenly he saw a girl in the middle of the street almost getting hit. Without hesitation, Kai rush to the...
Issei the white dragon Emperor Of Magic by lucifurgesaya
Issei the white dragon Emperor Of...by Lucifurge
Issei Hyoudou; a boy with an abnormal past. The descendant of Albion and Merlin Ambrosius, who also wields the Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing. Very OP Issei.
Dragon + vampire : divine dividing by Silverghoul00
Dragon + vampire : divine dividingby Silver Ghoul
Semi crossover of Rosario + Vampire and highschool dxd .With tsukune getting the sacred gear white dragon emperors light wings and having albions power instead of being...
Fate of the heirs of analtion and dominations deal by RUINEDDRAGONARMY
Fate of the heirs of analtion and...by KAMEN SENTAI FOREVER
I don't own highschool dxd This is a continuation to the ruined dragon king, IT takes place a few years after the twins birth and jon grows in his devil and dragon work...