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Arrowverse Watches Supergirl( Superflash Story) by Sunshine_Dreamer_130
Arrowverse Watches Supergirl( Avani C.
One day a mysterious person comes and takes away Team Supergirl and Team Flash to watch Supergirl's past. How will Kara react? Will relationship develop? Read to find o...
My Nerd | Winn Schott | Book 1 by Exhausted_Emily
My Nerd | Winn Schott | Book 1by emily
A story about an alien who falls for the IT guy. 》 "You may be a nerd, but you're *my* nerd." 》 Skylar Jackson is an Alien. Kryptonian to be exact. But Skylia...
Winn Schott & Jeremy Jordan imagines  by shutupmady
Winn Schott & Jeremy Jordan plot racer
Read title and look at picture. note: you may want to skip some of them in the beginning because they are...written embarrassingly. i don't know that makes sense
Two Sided [Lena Luthor x Assistant Female Reader]  by Kenjiro-Kun
Two Sided [Lena Luthor x 💗Kenny💗
You were an ordinary human living in national city, as you thought, when sudden blackouts occur, and scars randomly appear. Being Lena Luthor's assistant, you have a lot...
Can't Fight Destiny by xen5345
Can't Fight Destinyby xen5345
Lena had to live her home in Ireland when she found out that Lillian and Lex that was in jail have a plan to take over earth and kill every alien on it.
Kara Danvers x reader oneshots and others  by Zyguard188
Kara Danvers x reader oneshots Zyguard
Updates come slow. Any requests you may ask me. This is the one of the first books I've written soo it might be bad.
All And Nothing by canarysirens
All And Nothingby Freckles
SuperCorp soulmate AU when your soulmate gets hurt flowers bloom on your body where the wound/cut/bruise is. Kara has been covered in flowers since she arrived on earth...
I STILL NEED YOU  by Benitomendesz
Two years ago when Monel left for the future after confessing his feelings for Kara. Kara was devastated and it was difficult for her to easily move on. She never though...
Loving A Luthor  by caitlinneil7
Loving A Luthor by caitlinneil7
Kara Danvers, a.k.a. Supergirl, never thought she'd fall in love with a Luthor, Lena Luthor, her best friend, for that matter. ~~~~~~~~ "You can't go out there!&qu...
dc soulmate AU by febeqbebebebe
dc soulmate AUby simping for taken people
y/n is a seems like a normal girl if you see her walking, but she's far from noral, the first she's has far more soulmarks than the world record and then second she is t...
Watching the life of Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe.  by RaNd0m_N0B0Dy
Watching the life of Barry Allen/ RaNd0m_N0B0Dy
Will be continued by @MarvelFan4Eternity What the title suggests. I'm no good with writing any kinda romance, so no ships in this. Sorry. I don't own any glee of arrowv...
Supercorp (kind of) by Jemily_Lover
Supercorp (kind of)by CriminalMindsFreak
People in supergirl, there aren't powers, a normal world. Kara,18, her last year of school. Ms.Luther, 22. They fall fast. Will Luther give in?
Ivy Luthor 2 (Supercorp) by uglypotatonerd
Ivy Luthor 2 (Supercorp)by QueenMcGrath
Sequel Of Ivy Luthor(Supercorp) It's after 4 years since Jade's death. There has been a lot of changes which has happened in Kara's and Lena's life. Destiny decided to i...
supergirl gif series by wyrcan
supergirl gif seriesby ツ
the title folks
Edge of Glory | Supergirl 1 by LittleRaven96
Edge of Glory | Supergirl 1by Little Raven
Katherine-Katie- Schott, twin sister to Winslow-Winn Schott, is the best friend of Kara Danvers, AKA Supergirl. Katherine becomes ensnared with Kara's life, helping and...
A SuperFlash Story Reborn  by KiritoBinns
A SuperFlash Story Reborn by 𝓜𝓸𝓵𝓵𝔂 𝓟𝓮𝓻𝓬
Barry Allen the fastest man alive is going head to head with Zoom, while testing his speed he made a jump to a familiar kryptonian's earth while there Barry starts devel...
Superflash Oneshots: A-Z by celestialdragon949
Superflash Oneshots: A-Zby Celestial Dragon
Just some Superflash Oneshots filled with fluff and whatnots throughout the letters of the alphabet :)
Crazy Love  by caitlinneil7
Crazy Love by caitlinneil7
What if when Alex realized she was gay it wasn't because she liked Maggie, but instead she was in love with her adoptive sister Kara? What if when she came out to Kara...
Kara and Mon el life changing by emely990
Kara and Mon el life changingby Mrs. Cordell Walker
what will happen if Kara find out that she is Pregnant. Never told Mon el that she is pregnant with his baby after he left earth. When he come back will Kara ever tell...
superflash by Imie_Pineapple
superflashby Offic_Imie
Enemy's arrive and all they have is each other. Kara and Barry have no choice but to join forces... Will they fall in love?... Or will they fall apart?... Let's see the...