Chapter 13

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Alright, this chapter is going to be a theory that I have been thinking of. It might get a little confusing at points so try to follow as best as you can. Throughout the movie, we see Jack using his frost powers to beat Pitch's Nightmare creations. We see him freeze a nightmare to the ground, destroy a wave of Nightmares after Sandy's death, and make that weird tower thing when he and Pitch are arguing in the artic.

I've always kind of wondered why Jack's powers seem to counter Pitch's. At first, I believed what Pitch told Jack at the Artic. He asked him what goes better with cold than dark? I guess this could make a bit of sense. Pitch is saying that their powers are similar, so that could be why Jack's powers were able to beat his. However, Jack isn't always able to beat Pitch.

At the end of the movie, after Jamie believes in Jack, the Guardians get backed into an alleyway. Jack tries to use his powers against Pitch, but they don't work, and he says that little trick won't work on him anymore.

Now, this doesn't make sense. If Pitch is right, and the reason that Jack's powers work against his is because they are similar, they should still work in this scenario. There is nothing Pitch could have done to make his dark powers, unlike Jack's cold ones. That's why I believe it isn't the cold powers that are countering Pitch. I believe it's Jack's center.

Jack's center is fun. Pitch's center is fear. Those two things aren't similar at all. They're polar opposites. I believe it's jack's fun center that is able to stop Pitch, after all this is how they beat him in the end. The reason that it eventually stops working, is that Pitch has taken so much joy out of the world already. Jamie is the last kid on earth who still believes. There are no children left that are having fun. That weakens Jack's effect on Pitch.

The biggest case that can be made for this happens at 47 minutes and 40 seconds. Pitch is knocked back after Jack's blast when he kills Sandy. He looks up as the sleigh disappears and laughs. He then says, "Finally, someone who knows how to have a little fun." I know this isn't the most convincing evidence, but I thought this line pared with everything else might make this theory a little more believable. It's possible that Pitch knew from the start that fun was his weakness and he was laughing because he knew he was going to get rid of fun. But, there's no proof of this, but I think it makes a bit more sense than it simply working because he has ice powers.

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