Chapter 5

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Okay, now this really doesn't matter, but I haven't noticed it until a recent watch through of the movie. At 6 minutes and 35 seconds into the movie, we see Sandy distributing his dream sand. We see a girl in bed, dreaming of herself kicking a soccer ball. At least, I had always assumed it was a soccer ball. However, I have been proven wrong.

She is actually kicking a football. Or more precisely, a fútbol. I say this because when the camera pans out to Sandy at 6 minutes and 50 seconds, we see that he is hovering over a city. In the background, you can see the statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is a famous statue in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Throughout the movie, we see the Guardians visiting different parts of the world. Jack plays pranks in Russia, the egg hunt is in Britain, and when they are searching for teeth they go all over the place. I absolutely love this. Sure, the main parts of the story take place in Burgess, which is in America, but I love that they are able to work in other parts of the world. So many movies these days focus only on America, especially if that's where they are produced. That's why I think it is so nice to see this movie work in different settings so effortlessly. So yeah, it doesn't matter that Sandy is in Rio, but I thought it was cool. 

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