Chapter 2

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In the few flashbacks we see of Jack's sister, we see that she has a beauty mark under her right eye in the form of 3 small freckles. It can also be noted that Baby Tooth has a similar configuration of freckles under her right eye as well. However, the two sets of freckles are different. The freckles under Jack's sister's eye start very small on the right, larger in the middle, and small on the left. Whereas Baby Tooth's freckles start largely on the right and get progressively smaller. None of the other tooth fairies have these kinds of marks. (Keep in mind when I am giving directions, I am not talking about how it looks on the screen. I am talking about left and right as if you were standing next to the person.)

Now, why does this matter? The simple answer is that it doesn't. But I do find it very interesting. Especially since Baby Tooth the only person who is with Jack when he watches his memories. I just think it's kind of sweet that they made this little connection between the two characters.

I should also point out that Jack too has a beauty mark. His is much harder to spot than the last two I mentioned. If you look at the left-hand side of Jack's left eye, you will see a small dot in the corner. It's hard to spot since it is so close to his eye, but it's there I promise. 

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