Chapter 10

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Alright, so we're going to talk about the dark ages. More specifically, we are going to talk about the timeline of when the Guardians came onto the scene. Let's use our 1712, estimate for Jack's death. When the Guardians are collecting teeth, Tooth mentions that she hasn't been out in the field in around 440 years. Now, this isn't how long she has been around, but this is a place to start.

When Pitch is reminiscing about the dark ages, he talks about the Guardians being chosen by the Man in the Moon to fight his darkness. The way he says it, the four most likely came to be around the same time as each other. So, based on Tooth's statement, that means that at the very least, they are 440 years old.

When Pitch is flashing back to the dark ages, we see him get walked through in the same town that Jack grew up in, Burgess. This makes our previous timeline estimation kind of get thrown out the window if we say that this town was around at least 400 years ago, even longer than the 300. There are cabins in this flashback, which is what I was kind of basing the previous guess on. Not to mention, there had to be a long while that Tooth was in the field, so they have probably been around for more like five, or six hundred years.

It's possible that Pitch's scene in Burgess took place long after the Guardians came on the scene, but it's unlikely. I'm just going to settle for the fact that one, I am way overthinking this whole timeline thing. And two, I'm sure when they were planning the movie, they didn't put that much thought into the years they were tossing out so there are bound to be mistakes.

All I really want you to take away from this is that the Guardians are a lot older than Jack. Yet in all that time he hadn't met Tooth or Sandy as can be seen when North first introduces them after kidnapping Jack. Obviously, he had met Bunny, and given that he had tried to break into the North Pole he had probably at least seen North before. There is a slim chance, that he had met Sandy given that when Jack is watching the dream sand he says 'right on time Sandman' but by the way North introduces him it seems like they haven't met. Tooth makes a comment about 'hearing' about his teeth. Meaning that she hadn't actually seen them for herself. It was just something interesting I noticed.

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