Chapter 4

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Three minutes into the movie, Jack arrives in the village next to the pond he awoke in. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can see a man talking to a small girl next to a fire. The man is wearing a hat and cloak, while the girl is wearing what appears to be a long-sleeved navy-blue dress. This girl has straight brown hair and, although it can not be confirmed, looks undeniably like Jack's sister. You see her a few more times in the background of this scene but by the time the little boy runs through Jack, she has walked away.

Assuming that this is Jack's sister, I think it is interesting that she is out in town. For a long time, I assumed that Jack awoke in the pond the night he fell into the ice. The pond looks the same, it's still iced over and there's snow on the ground. However, I would like to make the theory, that Jack awakes several days after he died. Perhaps even a couple of weeks later.

When the girl is talking to the man, she doesn't look particularly sad or depressed. Like she would if her brother had just died a few days ago. Instead, she is out in town, talking, and interacting with people. She seems to have left the mourning stage of her grief and has accepted his death. Now, we know that years haven't passed, because she doesn't look any older.

I think it is safe to assume that Jack died earlier in the winter, perhaps late October or early December. This could be why the ice is not completely solid when they go skating like it would have been if they were in the middle of winter. Then, I think Jack wakes up towards the end of winter, maybe late January or early February. The hole he fell into has sealed. (although that probably would have sealed very quickly, possibly even by that night.) pair this with the fact that his sister no longer seems to be grieving, I think it might have been a couple of months since he died.

Now, something important to note is the fact that his staff is still lying on the ice. I believe this can be explained fairly easily. The village Jack grew up in is very small, and Jack was quite the character as we can see in his flashbacks of playing with the children. If he died by falling into the ice, word about his death would have spread through the town very quickly. Because of this, it can be assumed that very few people would have wanted to go skating that year after they heard what had happened. With the pond being frozen over, there would have been no other reason for people to go there. That means that his staff was left untouched because people were too afraid to venture onto the ice. Again, this doesn't matter, but it was something I just happened to think of.

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