Chapter 3

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Omega Seven had been there about a year and a half, trying to keep her head down and do what she was told, when the nightmares began. Her heart was racing, and beads of sweat were collecting on her brow, she clutched her chest, gasping for breath, trying to calm down. She'd had another nightmare, remembering the home she had to flee, the home where she had been safe until the Rogue's came. Where she had lived happily, until her family had been killed.

She laid her head back down onto the hard mattress, if it could even be called that. She didn't close her eyes, because she was afraid of the nightmares that would undoubtedly return. But that didn't stop her mind from returning to those days, and remembering what had happened, and how she had ended up in her current miserable situation.

She remembered being happy, with a mother and father who adored her. Her father was the Alpha of the Silver Crescent Pack, her mother was his kind and effective Luna. The Silver Crescent Pack was small, but it had been growing powerful and becoming stronger by the day, under her father's strong leadership.

But all of that was in the past, and she had run, like a coward. Everyone was gone, and she had been alone here, with the Blood Moon Pack, working as an Omega slave, but the nightmares were new. She had been having them pretty consistently for about two weeks now, and she didn't know why. They weren't like the bad dreams she'd had when she first arrived. Dreams remembering the fear and her own cowardice. No, these were different. Terrorizing dreams where she was back home, at her old pack house, but everyone was dead, everyone but her. Then she would walk out of the pack house, and see all the wolves that had been left behind. She couldn't see their faces, but she could feel their despair. Their loss at no longer having a leader, losing their Alpha and Luna. They would look to her for help, look for her to lead them, but she didn't know what to do to help them. Then, a stealthy figure would come up behind her, someone she knew, and she could tell they were there, but she was never able to turn to face them in her dream. She would be frozen in place, until she felt the stab of a knife cut through her back and into her heart. That's when she would wake up. Night after night, this was the dream she repeatedly had.

She got out of bed and walked to the lake. It was the middle of the night, so she didn't expect to see anyone, and she would have a few more hours before she was required at the pack house for her duties, so she stripped down and stepped into the water, trying to wash away her bad memories. She had been swimming and floating in the water for about half an hour when she felt someone watching her. She looked around and couldn't see anyone, but was soon able to detect the scent of Alpha Luther. She could tell that he must be nearby.

Next to the Alpha, the highest rank was that of a Luna, the Alpha's mate. Luna's were also often daughters of high-ranking wolves. But the strongest Alpha-Luna bonds, were those that were mated by the wolf mate-bond, as they were determined by the Moon Goddess herself, who chose the best mate for each wolf.

The Mate-Bond was sacred, as every wolf was supposed to have their perfect Mate, someone who would be a perfect complement for them. So when an Alpha met his mate, their bond made them both stronger, which in turn would make the pack stronger. Most Alphas chose to wait until they found their true mate to have a Luna by their side, but it also wasn't uncommon for an Alpha to choose a mate, especially if he had looked for his mate without success. A Luna would eventually be needed for an Alpha to become his most powerful.

Alpha Luther came out of the shadows of the tree line, where he had been watching Omega Seven, and walked to the edge of the water, where she had left her clothes. Seven stayed where she was, with the water still fully covering her body, and just stared back at him, not daring to move.

"You can't stay in there forever" he told her, staring at her expectantly, but she still didn't move.

"I'd hate for you to get any silver lashes on my account" he stated insincerely. And he continued to stay there, unmoving.

"Has anyone ever told you, that you smell delicious?" he finally asked her, licking his lips as he did so.

She didn't reply, and she still didn't move. She hadn't spoken aloud in over 6 months, as a result of the beatings she would take whenever she did speak, and she wasn't about to start speaking again now.

"You know," he spoke again "I still haven't found my mate. Who knows, she could be dead. Sooner or later, I may just have to choose one for myself."

She didn't believe for a second that he was considering her as a potential mate and his future Luna. Choosing a mate was sometimes done, but certainly not an Omega. And while she wasn't an Omega, he didn't know that. And she didn't believe for a second that he would risk the strength of his pack for the choice of a pack-less Omega as his Luna. She just glared back at him, realizing that his speech must be intended with ulterior motives, possibly as simple as just luring her out of the water for his own fleshly desires.

He sat down by the water's edge. "I could do this all day" he smirked, knowing that eventually she would have to come out of the waters to go to the pack house, or suffer the consequences.

She still didn't move a muscle, terrified that he might use his Alpha Command on her, and tell her to get out of the water. If he did that, she would either have to try to resist, and thereby show herself as not being an Omega, or follow his command and expose herself to him, and whatever he chose to do to her at that point. Neither option was a good one, and she silently prayed to the Moon Goddess for a third option that would allow her to leave, unscathed.

It was then, that she saw his stare shift, and she could tell that he was getting a mind-link from someone in his pack, and that he was having a conversation. The mind link was a way for members of a pack to speak to each other, kind of like a telepathic link, they could push thoughts at each other and respond to each in their minds. She could tell the message Luther got wasn't something he was pleased about, as the smirk that had been on his face was quickly turning in a rage-filled glare.

"We'll have to pick this up another time" he finally said to her, as he stormed off in the other direction, apparently having something to tend do after the communication via the mind-link.

She sighed to herself, and made her way to the shore as soon as his back was turned. She quickly threw on her clothes, not even attempting to get dried off, and ran back to the bunk house. She threw herself down on her mattress and cried. The fear she had just gone through was worse than any of the beatings she had taken up to that point. Having been here, she had been stripped of her dignity, pride and self-respect. She felt she was a coward for running away from her home and pretty much the only thing left for her to lay claim to regarding her body, was that she hadn't given herself to anyone yet and as yet hadn't been taken advantage of yet. She feared that if Luther decided to have his way with her, she would lose the only piece of her left undamaged, at which point she wouldn't have much left to cling to.

She didn't have much time to wallow in her narrow escape, as it was almost time to get ready for the day. She got up, changed into her dry set of clothes, leaving her damp clothes spread out to dry, and headed to the pack house kitchen.


"I'm telling you, something has changed" the man on the other side of the phone was saying to Luther.

"I don't care what has changed, we can't make any moves right now. The Council's Enforcer is breathing down my neck. I have to maintain my distance. And if you call me here one more time, and try to communicate with me outside of our normal channels, I will kill you myself."

"But you have to listen to me!" the voice responded desperately. "She's alive, I can feel it. Ever since the pack has started to recognize me as their leader, I've been working on establishing the mind-link with them. I'm still working on it, but for the last two weeks, I've been able to feel her through it, she's still alive."

"Well then, you better find her and take care of it" Luther snapped, as he hung up the phone.

"Don't bother me with his calls again!" Luther snarled at Vincent, who had mind-linked with Luther a little bit ago, notifying him of the phone call.

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