Chapter 10

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Seven turned to look around the room. It was larger than the bunk house room that she and seven others had shared, and the bed looked so comfortable and inviting. She walked over to the window and looked outside. The view appeared to be the woods stretching out behind the pack house, but she couldn't see much because it had been dark for some time now. There was a clock on the nightstand that showed it was after 11pm. She then walked over to the bed and crawled in. She was very tired and felt emotionally drained, and sleep took over almost immediately.

Seven sat up in bed, the beads of sweat on her brow, her heart racing, gasping for breath. She had awoken from another nightmare, and panic took over for a moment when she didn't recognize her surroundings. After a few moments, she remembered where she was, and began to remember her dream. It was the same dream she'd been having, but it had changed. She frowned as she thought about it, trying to understand. At the end of the dream, instead of the unknown assailant stabbing her in the back, this time she had been able to turn around before he got to her. He had remained in the shadows, and she still hadn't been able to see who it was, but this time he Jade facing him, but he never came toward her. She could see his knife, the reflection of the moon glinting off the blade, but he never revealed himself, and that was when she woke up.

But something else was different, Seven could feel the change creeping over her body, and after a few moments, she was able to fully feel her wolf again. She began to cry, shedding silent tears, as she welcomed her wolf back to consciousness. And then she made the decision that she needed to shift. It had been over 18 months that her wolf had been forced to remain dormant, and regardless of the consequences, Seven knew that she needed to let her wolf out completely.

Seven walked quietly over to the window and opened it, quietly climbing outside onto what appeared to be some sort of awning above the deck below. She silently crawled along the edge until she was able to grab onto a beam and swing herself down and dropped quietly to the ground. She snuck over to a tree, carefully stripped down, and without further hesitation, shifted and ran. She didn't even have a plan for where she would go, she just ran, into the woods and straight ahead without consideration. Her wolf was free at last, and together they felt free.

Dante awoke suddenly, aware of a pressure in his mind from someone trying to mind link with him. He let down the mental barrier and asked what was wrong.

We need you immediately sir, we're in the holding cells. We caught a trespassing wolf!

A trespasser? Is it a rogue? Dante asked, as he leapt out of bed and threw on some clothes, and rushed out of his room.

Doesn't smell like a rogue sir, but she's completely out of control, we need you to come, immediately.

I'm on my way responded Dante, and he arrived at the holding cell doors within moments.

When he arrived, there was a wolf, pacing in the cell, leaping against the silver bars, burning itself with each impact. Her fur was a deep reddish brown, and her chocolate brown eyes were fierce and wild.

"What's going on, where did you find her?" Dante asked as he approached the cell, and then he was hit with her scent. It was sweet, like vanilla and berries.

"It's Seven" he gasped, "open the cell doors" he demanded.

"But, Sir?" the guard next to the door began, "she seems unstable and dangerous!"

"Now!" growled Dante, and the guard immediately rushed over to unlock the door.

"Lock it behind me" Dante said, as he stepped into the cell, reaching out toward Seven, and taking slow and deliberate steps.

"Shhh, it's ok" Dante said. "Call Doctor Anderson" he whispered over his shoulder. "Come on Seven, it's ok" he said. But when he called her Seven, the wolf jumped and snarled, then got low, as if ready to pounce, her teeth bared and a low growl emanating from her chest.

"It's ok" Dante began again, this time avoiding using her 'slave' name that obviously didn't sit well with the wolf. "I'm not going to hurt you" he whispered, slowly moving toward her. She began pacing back and forth, still growling and maintaining her distance, trying to keep space between her and Dante.

"It's ok, little mate" he said, reaching for her again. And this time, when he said 'mate' the wolf began to whimper, almost as though she finally recognized that Dante was indeed her mate, and she slowly stepped toward him, until his fingers toucher her nose, and then she immediately calmed down, nuzzling her head against him.

When the doctor arrived, Dante was sitting in the middle of the cell, Seven still in wolf form, and resting her head in his lap. He was gently stroking her fur, and she was letting out a low grumble, almost like a purr, but sat up tensely when she heard the cell door open for the doctor to enter.

"It's ok, it's ok" Dante reassured her. "I think she's going to need a sedative" he said to the doctor, but not changing from the tone he had used when speaking to Seven.

"I thought as much, when Alex told me what was going on. If you can keep her still, it will be a quick shot, should take effect pretty quickly" the doctor said, as he slowly approached.

"Ok, go ahead" Dante instructed, as he gently held Sevens head, and looked into her dark eyes, trying to steady her. The doctor gave her a quick injection, and she yelped and jumped to her feet, backing away toward the corner of the cell, but then sat down and seemed to fall asleep within just a few minutes.

"We should get her to the hospital" the doctor said, once she was asleep. "She'll probably shift back pretty soon, now that her body is beginning to relax."

"Ok" Dante replied, "I'll bring her as soon as she has shifted. And he got up to retrieve a blanket to cover her with, knowing that she would be naked as soon as she had shifted, and he didn't want anyone to see her exposed.

After about ten minutes, Seven shifted back into her human form, as the doctor expected she would. Dante wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the pack hospital where the doctor was waiting. With a nurse's assistance, they performed a more thorough exam, with x-rays and blood tests.

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