Chapter 4

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The day went by as normal, and Seven was grateful to be able to stay in the kitchen. Sometimes she was part of the serving crew that brought dishes back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room, and she shuddered at the thought of having to serve Luther his meal, or even be seen by him. She was glad that today at least, her assignment kept her in the kitchen and out of his way.

At the end of the day, when they were all being dismissed, Gretchen was giving them the outline for the next days' meals when she got a mind link.

"Never mind that Omegas" she said once the conversation she'd been having had ended. "Looks like we're going to have visitors tomorrow. The Alpha and Beta from the Black Shadow Pack will be our guests tomorrow night, so I'll be revising our menu. I'll post your assignments in the morning. That is all, you are dismissed."

The Omegas all returned to their bunk house, some went to wash in the lake, others went for a walk, or to do whatever it was the others did, but Omega Seven returned to their room and went to her bed. She didn't want to risk coming across Luther somewhere on the grounds. She was nervous about tomorrow. She had heard of the Black Shadow Pack. Their Alpha was said to be one of the strongest Alpha's in the region, and he was rumored to be very strict and unkind. She remembered hearing stories about how he had been appointed as something of an Overseer, or Enforcer by the Werewolf Council. He was charged with keeping peace between the packs and enforcing punishments when a pack broke rules or disobeyed the Council. She had heard that one time, he killed a Rogue with his bare hands. He had been in human form, and the Rogue in wolf form, and he had just ripped the Rogue's throat out, like it was straw. 

Her biggest concern though, was that she had been on kitchen duty tonight, which meant that she would likely have serving duty tomorrow, and that would mean she would have to enter the dining room, and serve both Alpha Luther and the Black Shadow Alpha, and that made her very nervous.

She woke up from a nightmare again that night, shaking and sweating, everything in the dream having been just like the previous nights. This time, she didn't make her way to the lake. She didn't think she would be going there alone for a long time, if there was a chance she would be caught by Luther again. She didn't think she would be lucky enough to get away twice.


"I don't like this at all" Beta Jackson said to his Alpha, leader of the Black Shadow Pack.

"I don't like it either" Alpha Dante Greyson replied to his Beta, the second in command.

"Remind me why we're here again?" Jackson asked of his Alpha.

The two were driving onto the Blood Moon Pack Territory, and had already been met by the pack's escorts in wolf form, trotting alongside their vehicle.

"Because I still believe that Luther had something to do with the Silver Crescent pack slaughter. There's no way, that was just a random rogue attack, and everyone knows that Luther takes in rogues in order to manipulate. Half his staff are captured rogues turned slaves. If anyone was the mastermind behind that attack, my money is on it having been Luther, I just can't figure out why, and I can't get anyone to talk."

"Well, it's hard to get anyone to talk, when we killed them all" retorted the Beta.

"We killed the rogues that were there, but I'm sure some got away. But you know I also think there was a member of the pack who was in on it too. Someone who wanted to overthrow the existing Alpha. There are people alive who know what happened, and I'm going to find them" he said.

"So what's your plan here with Luther? You obviously can't just ask him point blank if he had anything to do with it."

"No," said the Alpha Greyson, and he paused. "But I feel like if I talk to him, on his turf where he's comfortable, he might let something slip. But I definitely feel like one way or another, just talking to him, that I'll know. He seems like the type who will ooze their guilt, even without saying anything. And if I know, then at least I can keep investigating."

"And if this trail turns up cold, and you aren't convinced he's behind it?" Jackson asked.

"Well, then we'll move on. Goodness knows we're in the middle of enough issues in our region to follow up on, it's not like we're hurting for work" the Alpha said, a tired expression coming over his face. And at that point, they had reached the pack house, got out of their vehicle, and walked up to the door. And Dante could have sworn he smelled something sweet, but shrugged it off as being the smell of dessert being prepared, and wafting out of a kitchen window somewhere.

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