Chapter 7

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Dante sat in the back seat, holding Seven in his arms while she lay there, still unconscious, and unlocked the arm band as soon as they had left the Blood Moon territory.

"As soon as we get back, I want Anderson to take a look at that thing" he said, tossing the cuff into the empty front seat. "I want to know what all it has in it, and what kind of damage it has been causing her."

"Alpha," Jackson began hesitantly. "Are you going to accept her?"

Dante let out a little growl before he replied. "I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with her, but I'm not ready to reject or accept her at this point. There are so many questions first." He paused for a while before continuing.

"If she was a rogue, captured on the night of the Silver Crescent attacks, we need to find out what her involvement was. It's a bit too much of a coincidence for her to have just randomly been found that night. I need to know, did she help kill them, was she a witness, or perhaps even a member of that pack who helped the rogues? I can't make any decisions unless I know, and unfortunately, I don't know how we're going to go about getting those answers."

"We'll figure it out, Sir" Jackson responded.

Dante could feel the mate bond, and it was strong. The sleeping figure in his arms had trembled when he took off the arm band, and he had gently brushed the hair out of her face. The sparks and tingles that shot through his fingers and up his arm were like nothing he had experienced. Just touching her skin, caused warms shivers to course through his veins. And her smell was intoxicating. He closed his eyes, and just held her in his arms, basking in her scent and the pleasure his body felt at her touch. He knew he needed to find out the truth about her, and fast. If she couldn't be trusted, he would need to reject her soon, otherwise he didn't think he would ever be able to.

Seven could feel herself waking up, but hadn't yet opened her eyes. The cool and refreshing scent of rain on the grass surrounded her, comforting her. She could hear voices, but she still felt disoriented enough, that she wasn't really understanding what they were saying. But the scent that filled her nostrils was heavenly and calming. For a brief moment, she wasn't afraid and felt like she could just keep her eyes closed, and sleep forever. But as she regained her thoughts and her mind cleared, she started to remember what had happened before she passed out. She had been called to the dining room to meet with Luther and his Alpha guest. She had been so scared, and then the other Alpha had called her his mate. When she remembered that, her eyes shot open, and she sat up in a panic. She could feel pleasurable tingles coursing through her body, which only added to her confusion. When she sat up, she realized she was in a car, with the Alpha who had called her his mate. She broke away from him, scrambling to the side of the car, as far away from him as she could get, and she tried to open the car door to escape, but it was locked. She began to panic, pressing herself up against the door, trying to create as much distance as possible between her and this Alpha who had been holding her.

"Woah, woah, woah" came the soothing tone of the Alpha next to her "calm down, I'm not going to hurt you. You're safe with us." His tone was calming, but she had no intention of trusting this Alpha, simply because he said he was safe.

"We're not going to hurt you" he started speaking again. "My name is Dante Greyson, I'm the Alpha of the Black Shadows Pack, and this is my Beta" he said, gesturing toward the man driving the car. "His name is Jackson and we're taking you back to our territory."

When he mentioned that they were taking her back to their territory, she began to tremble in fear. She was terrified that they would harm her. Why else would they want her? An Alpha of his power would have no need or desire for a mate, if she truly was his mate, who had been an omega slave. She had convinced herself that if they were taking her, it would most likely be to have her killed, because they couldn't leave his mate in the hands of a rival Alpha. She began to cry, just wishing again that she hadn't been a coward, when it mattered most, and wishing that she had just died with her pack.

Dante reached out to touch her, and she flinched at his reach. He couldn't explain why it hurt to see her so scared of him, but it crushed him. She was his mate, even if he hadn't decided yet if he would be able to accept her, but having her so fearful and flinching from his touch, filled him with sadness. When he finally did touch her shoulder, the tingles again erupted through his hand, and he was filled with a determination to make her feel safe with him.

She didn't understand why her body was relaxing at his touch, when she felt so much fear. He had called her his mate, but she wasn't sure she would agree with that. She had been able to smell him before being brought into the dining room, and it had been the most amazing scent she had ever smelled before, but she hadn't felt the mate bond, or pull like she had always imagined it would be. She hadn't felt her wolf claim him as her mate. Although, with the wolf's bane arm band she'd had since her capture by Luther's pack, she had hardly felt her wolf, and was only barely aware that she was even still present, buried deep inside. It was while she was thinking about this that she realized the cuff was no longer on her arm, and she looked at Dante, a shocked expression on her face, wondering why they had removed it.

"We took off your arm band" said Dante, realizing that she had just noticed it was gone. "Can you tell us what it was doing to you?"

Seven didn't reply. She just looked at him, still in surprise. Surprised that he had removed the cuff and also surprised that he was being so gentle with her. She had no intention of speaking or responding, though, regardless of how gentle he may seem. She hadn't spoken verbally in over 6 months, and a kind word from a stranger wasn't going to coax her to start now. Especially since the last time she said anything, even though it was in response to a question she had been asked, she was beaten severely. So speaking wasn't something she intended to do any time soon.

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