Chapter 1

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Aldera Junior High. Here attend three of our main characters. Yeah, three. 

 A boy is sitting in his seat, minding his own business, despite the chaos caused by an unknown reason to this h/chair-colored boy. Between the chaos, a certain pomeranian stood out by yelling.

"Sensei, don't lump me in with everybody else!" He said. This guy, Katsuki Bakugou, holder of Explosion quirk. "You can't compare me to these losers' weak-ass quirks. Mine is a whole other ballgame!" He retorts, sounds cocky to me.

Almost the whole class got mad at him. Almost. There is 2 person who is not wanting to be caught in the crossfire. One is Y/n Sosaki, looking out the window to the corridor, and the other one is Izuku Midoriya, who is hiding his face in his arm on the table.

"Oh yeah, I've forgotten. Bakugou's shooting for U.A High, isn't he?" The teacher said, making the class shut up, shocked.

The blonde then jumps on his table unusually and yelled,

"You're done running your mouth, peons?! I got an 'A' on the mock test! And I'm the only one at this school who's got a chance!" That guy finally sits up straight on the table and continues on. "I'm gonna surpass even that "All Might" bastard as a top hero!" Is this guy ever gonna stop rambling?

"And I'm gonna carve my name into the ranks of higher bracket taxpayers!!".
"Finally, he stops" The minding-his-business guy thought.

"Now that you mention it, didn't Midoriya and Sosaki want to go to U.A as well?" The statement made Bakugou froze in place while Midoriya just slumped more into his arms covering his face.

There's a short silence that broke into a fit of laughter. In fact, the whole class did except Bakugou and Y/n.

"HAAAAAHH!!! Midoriya?! There's no way! If the only thing you can do is study, then heroics is a pipe dream!!" One of the classmates said. This got Y/n to stand up and backs up the poor broccoli. Just the action of standing up made the whole class shiver, because of how cold you are(not literally).

"There's no rule against not having a quirk. He can try to-" Y/n were cut off due to explodo-boy ignores Y/n's comment and explodes at the Midoriya, slamming his hands on the table.

"Eat shit, Deku!!" Deku, an insult that was given to Bakugou when they were young, or so was Y/n told. Midoriya was sent flying back to the classroom.

"Forget having a weak-ass quirk, you don't even have a quirk! So where do you get the idea to put yourself on the same level as me!?" He insulted him and demands an answer. Midoriya steeled himself and tried to reason with Bakugo

"H-hold on... That's not it, Kacchan" Kacchan, a friendly nickname for Bakugou when both of them were friends. They are childhood friends after all.

"It's not as though I'm trying to compete with you, I wouldn't dream of it! I mean it!" Midoriya trying to defend himself, while getting pushed back into the corner. "As Sosaki said, you never know until you try...." But it was hopeless. The statement and Bakugou's temper made a bad chemical reaction, causing Bakugou to explode once again.

"'Never know until you try?' The exam is hopeless for a dweeb like you!"

"Back off, Bakugou" Out of nowhere, Y/n appeared, with his quirk activated to threaten the pomeranian if he ever comes any closer.

"Tch, you're lucky this time, nerd. Next time he won't be with you when I'm finally finished with you" Bakugou clicked his tongue, turn around and sat back down in his chair.

"Are you okay, Midoriya?" The taller boy asks as he helps the shorter one stands up

"Yeah, thanks Sosaki" The greenette said while standing up

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