Chapter 4: U.A, Where it all started.

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Hello, readers (●'◡'●)ノ. Welcome to another chapter of the Blade Dance! ✧
So, how's the display of power by our Bladed Hero? Is it cool? Or do I need to change it a bit? Anyways, let's go to the most prestigious hero school, U.A! Where everything started


The waiting... is killing the man inside, though he doesn't show it. Here, Y/n waiting for the letter from U.A, about his admission to the Prestigious school, U.A! Where every great hero starts their heroics studies. And our Bladed Hero is about to get the results.

Look, there he is! Holding the letter, hands shaking, still not showing emotions, but still. Excited as ever.

The residents of the house, Shino - or also known as Mandalay- was happy and being giddy that her son is going to U.A! And Kota just sits at the dining table, minding his own business by eating his breakfast.

"Y/n, do you want to see the letter with us, or-"

"I would like that, thank you very much" Shino followed Y/n to his room. Kota well, you know how he is.

Both of them went to the room, and Y/n take a seat on his computer table. His room wasn't much, just the typical room for a healthy teenage boy. Nothing weird to see here.

Y/n took a deep breath, and release. The boy opens the envelope steadily, not wanting to harm anything important inside. In the envelope, there is a letter and a circle thing-y.

"What's this?" A simple question asked by a very curious boy. He inspects it before putting down the device. And in an instant, a hologram appears! With All Might in it, nonetheless!

"Hello~ Is this thing working? Because I AM HERE!! In a hologram projection!" Y/n questioned why is All Might is in the hologram.

"You must be asking, 'What is All Might doing in the U.A?' Well, that's because I'm here to teach!" The question is answered.

"Onto the entrance Exam! You, Y/n L/n! Has passed the test! With flying colors! With a villain score of 46! And, rescue score of 100!! That's marvelous! The way you protected the candidates who can't, and skillfully directed them to evacuate! And the best part is how you carefully wait for the others to escape the debris. 'Then', you used your most powerful attack, to neutralize the villain and stop it from causing any more damage! Even I can't do that all in the same instant! It's marvelous I say!  AHAHAHAH!!! As expected from the son of Mandalay!" After that long message, Shino was crying, happy tears. Happy that her son is doing what a hero always should have done. Following in her footsteps.

The frame shows Midoriya and Y/n, back to back in a different part of the frame, hearing the same message,

"Now, Young Sosaki... Welcome! To 'your' hero academia!"

"Now, Young Midoriya... Welcome! To 'your' hero academia!"

Midoriya was shedding tears, while Y/n just smirked while clenching his fist.


Now, Y/n is walking to a certain place, a bouquet of flowers in hand. 

He then came to a halt, entering a dimly lit place. Passing a signboard of that place, that signboard wrote, "Musutafu Cemetry". Walking past several gravestones, he stops at a familiar one that he knows all too well.

Crouching down, he placed the bouquet and gazed at the names carved on the gravestone with a fond gaze.

At the gravestone, 

"Here lies, F/n and M/n L/n. A great father and mother, a loving couple, and well-remembered as the bravest Heroes in their time"

"Hi mom, dad. Guess what?" He asked. "I'm all set to become a Hero like you guys! I even enrolled at U.A, where you guys met... I hope you guys are proud." He said the at part silently, looking at the ground, his h/c hair covering his eyes. 

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